0614/26th July 2023

” Morning Nibbs. You’re here early.”

He wasn’t interested, was he?

All that: “Oh hi! How are you?”

a thing of the past. He’s got us under his paw. Why gush?

Besides, he had found: Catnip!


How had the others missed it?

Perhaps it grew overnight.

Lots of things seem to lately.

How it got there, I’ve no clue.

It was only Nibbs’ keen interest that made me suspect it was catnip.

Quite astounding the affect it has on most cats. Some just don’t get it at all.

If I looked it up, I could probably find out why this is so. Later, maybe.

It’s a pretty little flower.


The importance of not leaving your PC signed in to Chewy while you’re out.


“Am I, or am I not the chief in charge?”

“Yes you are Dee Dee. Thank you.”

She had the grace to order suet for the birds and peanuts for – everyone.


Of course her generosity may have something to do with her part-time occupation.

Bird watching.

“Yum. You look tasty!”


Dee Dee is very self-sufficient.

“Oh look! My most favourite lunch!”


We can’t figure out what has happened to the groundhog population the summer.

We’ve only seen a baby once or twice and it was a solitary creature. Usually there are two or three and once they appear, they stay for the duration.


The groundhogs we see are quite healthy-looking and seemingly happy.

But where are the babes?

Grant often stops in to see out neighbour just down the hill and his property is overrun with baby groundhogs.

Yet they did not eat his lily bulbs or other flowers. So what’s going on down there?

As long as everyone is happy, it really doesn’t matter!


A recent photo provided an interesting comparison between Peanut and her companion.

Peanut above.

More of Ed’s lilies:

The variety is quite extraordinary

There were more, something like 75 and all blooming at once.

Each one a masterpiece of shape and form and colour.

Examining these blooms, I could understand the passion my mother had for flowers, how to her they were something to be loved, to be cherished.

And I understand why she wept when misfortune destroyed them.

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  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for the delightful post! A wonderful mixture of everything nice, flowers, creatures, your musing, and of course the sky!


  2. If you ask me, Dee Dee is planning a party 😉. I wonder every time: How does the groundhog manage to sit like that without falling backwards! Wow, the lilies are particularly beautiful … I can only imagine how beautiful it must be to walk among these colourful flowers.

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