What’s it all about?

1330/24th July 2023

This has become Patches morning routine. She likes to keep an eye on squirrels, but I think it is the chipmunk that particularly catches her attention as it rushes about.

Typical of a cat, today she chose to do something else.


She has also not come to recline in the front window which she does after her morning walk.

Cats like to keep you guessing.

A change in behaviour can be significant.

Or not.


A few days ago I gave in to pressure and allowed Willow to venture outside for a supervised walk.

Yesterday she was very restless and today she is sitting by the door making pointed little cries, hoping for another sortie.

Later, Willow!


Lily was always quite vocal.

Often we’d hear “Wow, wow, wow” from the basement where some of the others also sing periodically.

A few months back, Lily went silent but continued on in good health.

Then recently she recovered her wail which has now been perfected.

“Wow, aow, aow, aow, wow, aow.”

“Aaaaow,aaow, aaow, Wow, wow, wow.”

With the volume and pitch of a fog horn.

A cry from the slough of despond.

She’s actually fine. She suffers with rodent ulcer but it is kept at bay with twice-weekly ear smears of prednisone.

Was she possibly singing for her absent boyfriend?

His Nibbs had not been seen for some time and Grant was beginning to feel quite gloomy: “Maybe something happened to him!”

As I reminded him, Nibbs quite often disappears for prolonged periods and four days ago, he arrived for late breakfast.

Followed by squirrel baiting.

“No! I was just looking!”



“Don’t worry, missus. He’ll not get me!


Dee Dee was coy about it, but she appeared pleased to see the boy.

While affecting disdain.


The darlings are not best pleased at the number of rainy days.

Toby ventures out but rushes back.


Patches is very focused.

If she decides to go somewhere, it’s full steam ahead, whether it’s out in the rain or hauling herself onto my bed and knocking my book aside.

She winds up and launches herself, no matter who or what is in the way.

“I had a nice walk” said Patches.

Dee Dee looked incredulous:

“Are you high?”


Because he is old and frail, it’s always a joy to see Toby either taking a walk or playing with a favourite toy.


Muffin watched from her perch on the sofa:


This day, we had cat yoga:

When Sophia emerged from sick quarters, some cats had to reassess the situation.

Tinkerbell, who’s never been interested in Sophia’s safe place before, thought she’d check our the accommodations.

Tinkerbell can normally be heard challenging Sophia at least once a day but it’s all bluster.


“Just testing it all out. Making sure she’ll be comfortable in her convalescence.”

“I think it will do.”


Such a sweet little face.

“What they say about me is not true!”


“Been sick, have you?”

“Got any drugs?”

“I’d love a bit of ‘nip.”


It was a very one-sided conversation.


“Ah! Here it is!”

“Open! Says me!”


Oh dear…

It’s not at all ashamed to pop in for a snack,

and some ‘nip

and he’s not shy about relaxing.

When he’s had enough, he just saunters off, casually.

To his next rendezvous.

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  1. The squirrels are probably happy if His Nibbs doesn’t stop by too often. I think that box is a bit small for him! It was nice to see all the cats again … maybe they’re also happy that they got some time back on the blog (otherwise Dee Dee might have had to call a meeting) 😉.

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