Apres storm

1853/4th July 2023

The storm which blew in late yesterday may have been brief but it was vicious and I thought perhaps it would flatten the Yucca flowers.

But they survived. The stems are very hardy and the flowers quite sturdy.

We lost power for about three minutes which was just enough to bring me back to the beginning of yesterday which saw me chasing passwords around.

Oh for a world where passwords were not necessary! I always carefully write the perishing things down and find it very vexing to be rewarded with

“Invalid password”


The world is full of scoundrels waiting to pounce. How do they know when you are at a low ebb and vulnerable?

After you’ve been had, you say to yourself “how did I let that happen?”

Not one but two credit cards compromised last week.

In my world there would be a nasty punishment for such criminals.


If you’re like me, when you are a bit lower than par, that’s when everything crops up to challenge you.

My camera is being difficult. I’ll get my subject lined up, press click and maybe there will be a picture or maybe just a blinding flash of light.


This image, for example.

After this frame, each time I clicked, I got a white screen.

Nothing had changed, so…??

Light reflecting off the lens, I suppose, but why? Where do I look for a camera fix-it person?


At least it allowed some baby pictures.

Such a dear little chap!

So far this is the only groundhog baby we’ve seen. Maybe we aren’t watching at the right time.

Yesterday I happened to be going past the sliding door and thought:

“There’s the skunk. How has it got two heads?”


“It’s got a baby!”

Mother was keeping the baby very close.

Was she protecting it, or keeping it away from the nuts?

Luckily I had put out a fresh supply.

Enough for both.

We had been wishing, the day before, that we could see a baby skunk!

Not long after the skunks shuffled off, the heavens opened.

Struggling once more to uncover my elusive password, I was not paying attention to the world beyond my window.

So when I glanced up I was dazzled.

This called for a look outside.

Mosquitoes or not.


It’s hard to beat the Apres Summer Storm Sky.

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  1. It usually works like this … at your lowest, the challenges come thick and fast (or maybe it just feels that way?). The rainstorm has turned your garden and sky into a wonderland! And love the baby skunk – I wonder if his/her fur is as soft as it looks?

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