1610/10th June 2023

Just as I launched yesterday’s post, I was assaulted by a vicious headache which required me to lie prone with a bag of frozen peas on the aching noggin.

In consequence, the rest of the afternoon went sideways. No great loss. Grant took over the afternoon “rounds”.

By suppertime, the peas having done the trick, I returned them to the freezer and reported for duty distributing cat dinners.

Willow’s eyes got round and she seemed disconcerted. I followed her into the front room where I realised at once what was wrong.


Willow gets liquid medicine first thing in the morning and again before supper.

But yesterday, Brain was dormant.

She jumped up on her perch, looking at me expectantly.

And afterwards, she happily tucked in to her dinner.

Just as well she reminded me, as Muffin and Toby also have afternoon medication, although theirs is just a smear of ointment into their ears.


It seems, if I want to see clear skies during the summer, in future I may have to bring up photographs on my computer.

Today the smoke is back. It isn’t as bad as before but spoiled as we are, by normally clean air, one cannot fail to notice it.

(These images show late evening rain cloud on June 10th, not smoke.)


My friend Tim lives in Brooklyn overlooking the Statue of Liberty. Most people will have seen photographs of those awful days.

From his viewpoint on the 43rd floor Tim said it was apocalyptic.


But how much worse is it for the brave people who are battling these fires, around the clock?

Surely they must be among the most courageous people in the world.

So I always try to remember them.


In between smoke events, I remembered there had been a couple of wet mornings. But where were the images?

Outsmarted by technology again. What else is new?

Recently I discovered that photos taken on my iPhone automatically transfer to the photo file on my PC.


Had this been happening all along?

Surely not!

My habit since getting the iPhone, has been to plug the thing in to the PC and download them manually.

This puts them in the “import” file.

Occasionally the photos seemed to have just arrived, unaided.

So I decided to pay more attention.


Today I suddenly recalled taking these images and went scrolling back and forth looking for them.

Had I gone mad? Where were they?

Then I remembered. For some reason I had created a file for them and yes, there they were.

But they are not in the import file.

There is a limit to the amount of time I can spend pondering these things, so I stagger blindly along and wait till I fall over them.


What I haven’t yet figured out is why mostly I have to convert the iPhone pictures to an acceptable format in order to use them in WP.

This process makes them imports.

But sometimes, such as here, I’ve been able to use the image as is.

Which I just did and now it has vanished from everywhere else.


It really makes no difference…

whether I understand or not.


My dad always needed to understand how things worked which made for a frustrating time for both he and I when at the age of 88 he got a computer and a television with a remote control.

In those days I often had really bad headaches, but those were mostly from bashing my head against a wall.

5 thoughts on “Understanding

  1. I always use a bag of frozen peas for when my eyes puff up from the pollen during Spring…peas seem to be a great ‘medicine’ 😉. It’s Berto’s job to download photos from my mobile phone and our camera – I don’t understand it!

  2. My PC does not recognise my Oppo phone as a trusted source, and refuses to download images from it. So the only way I can get photos onto my blog is to use a real camera and a memory card reader. Even that is hardly straightforward, as I have to try to find where my PC has ‘decided’ to store them. Sometimes, I just give up. Life’s too short to stress about it. Open the wine…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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