Further adventures…

20th April 2023

My kind of nursery!

The quiet kind.

It isn’t that I don’t like small children, you understand. It’s that they tend to scream upon noticing me.

Can’t think why. I don’t terrify animals.

Domestic ones anyway.

There is one possibility.

Sometimes when I catch sight of my face in a mirror, I see a very familiar scowl.

It’s the one my father generally wore when dealing with anyone or anything he didn’t like.

It could be pretty scary.

It came as quite a shock when one of the agents who worked with me in the latter years of my employ, told the boss that sometimes she had been denied permission to use the ladies room.

“Who told you that?” I asked, appalled.

You did!” she exclaimed.


Seriously, I was never that dreadful!

However….until I get the hang of these unwanted CHANGES…..

It’s possible I may scowl quite fiercely.

I have hunted around for tips but I do not want to attend a webinar or take a course.

My needs are so modest but it’s like pulling teeth from chickens.

It is impossible to continue further in this fashion.

Yesterday as I hunted about, I unintentionally re-published the first episode of my long-ago Sudan adventure. Not many people saw it then, so I will use the ensuing episodes as my daily contribution.

While I pull the remaining hairs from my head.

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