Top Cat

0828/19th March 2023

The in and out Sun lit different bits of my view this morning.

A slightly colder day, mostly bright but with the occasional snow squall.

Spring however, is certainly more than just the date on our calendar.

Our ragged bushes have buds and in the garden today five Robins, the fat American kind. They are pecking away at the ground, more interested in worms and bugs than in seed and peanuts.

If I attempt a photograph, they will flee, so no picture.


“Buds? No buds on this twig!”

No, but that was three days ago.

When Spring decides to arrive, there is no holding her back.


I’m not looking forward to another Summer.


How will I keep track of the nightly visitors?


“Lady you’re crazy! We’ve had enuff,of this stuff!”


“Not to be rude, but you know what you can do with this….”

“Stick it in a pot and melt it, right?”

Blessed be the peacemakers.


Grant saw a Chipmunk for the first time since the Fall.

We watched for a while as it collected leaves for it’s nest which is apparently beneath this tree.

And we took an offering of peanuts to celebrate the awakening, dropping them at their front door.

Whence they were promptly stolen by Bluejays.


“They’d better not steal my nuts!”

Little Red went chattering up the apple tree.



Guess who’s coming for breakfast, everyday.

“Seriously? You’re going to let him in?”


She’s being very coy about it, but Dee Dee has actually decided he’s not such a Stinky Boy after all.

Nose-rubs have been observed, not captured.


It turns out the one he steers clear of is Ms Sweetness Herself. Muffin.

“That boy come cuddle up on my sofa!”


On a nice day, he takes breakfast al fresco.

But these cold mornings he likes to come in for a bit.

He patrols the house, giving a running commentary, like some kind of tour guide. Checks out all the corners in case something needs attention.

When he’s done, he asks to be let out, then tours the property outside and stops by the front door to call out: “Bye!”

I kid you not.

Maybe Dee Dee has put him on her payroll, so she can devote herself to her inventory.

“You got a problem with that?”

“You want your t-bags counted, don’t you?”

“And your mice kept down?”

“Am I really expected to do all this alone?”

Dee Dee (Sasha) may be the Boss.

But Lily is the Top Cat by dint of seniority.

She’s too busy for all those tasks that Dee Dee so enjoys, though if a misguided mouse gets within range, she may reach out, just to keep her skills honed.

6 thoughts on “Top Cat

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for the beautiful pictures of your family and a helpful visitor.
    I love the way their created their safe and fulfilling world.


  2. Where’s the shop steward (it’s Dee-Dee, right)? The bluejays must come and explain why they took the chipmunk’s food! And His Nibbs is such a well mannered visitor … I mean, that he even comes to say goodbye before he goes – sweet! Oh, and you’ve just taken me back to my childhood days with your header … I used to watch the TV series Top Cat all the time!

  3. Does His Nibbs live nearby? He obviously likes the cuisine and the company at your house. Do you have two cats named Dee Dee?

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