To a lost crown

1730/17th March 2023

Gentle breezes yesterday afternoon scattered a rising ground mist.

Recent snow is disappearing rapidly, but it takes some time to disperse the amount we received.


“Wild and free,”

“We sing with glee”

“Singing, singing to our tree!”

“We do so appreciate thee!”

“You still have your fresh green gown,”

“Even though you’ve lost your crown.”


The seed trays are still on the porch but the interim food distribution is very popular, with none of the usual squawking and squabbling.

A frozen surface is perfect for this purpose.


“But, but, there are so many choices!”

“Which one should I take?”


Frozen enough to support tiny feet.

Grant used his snowshoes.


“The new dining arrangement is all very well,”

“But what are you going to do about our bushes?”


“You mean that one?”

“…and this one?”


They got sort of dragged over the edge…

“I’ll say!”


Then there was the matter of our poor Poplars.

We resisted the urge to try freeing them as the ice was solid and stuck. Tapping at it might put extra pressure on the branches.


Luckily the ice thawed rapidly and though bent the tree is not broken.


Quite a change this morning since yesterday.

And the bushes appear to be climbing back up the slope!


A delayed peanut delivery finally made it!

“Yo! Save one for me!”



“I’ll have one!”

“Or five!”

The bushes aren’t beautiful, but they will recover, though when Mr Groundhog emerges he may find things a little re-arranged.

But he’ll be preoccupied with thoughts of baby groundhogs.

And as long as he has carrots, he won’t complain.


The outdoor gang are happy for now.

And I must turn my attentions to my indoor friends.

Poor little blind Lucy whose world has become so small.

And arthritic Penny who is once more fighting a urinary tract problem. She has been through this several times but now I think she looks very frail.

And of course there’s Toby….


3 thoughts on “To a lost crown

  1. The trees were pretty much hit hard by the snow, but how wonderful that they “rise” again after the storm! The gang looks happy with their food service outside (you have great photos of them enjoying their meal). And best wishes for the older and more fragile furry ones in the house 🌸.

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