Revised terms (who agreed?)

1540/9th February 2023

Could this be it for Winter?

Heavy rain overnight and above freezing temperatures presented a changed landscape this morning.

The forward forecast is for freezing nights and increasingly mild days. Far too mild, in my view.

Three winters in a row, early warming trends encouraged plants to awaken only to be burned when frost returned.

Our sprawling lilac bush is 10 or more feet tall, so with the best will in the world, we could not cover it.

The Sparrows were sitting neatly in a row yesterday afternoon but the appearance of my camera soon messed that up!

“No photographs!”

“But it’s part of the deal. Me: seed, You:photographs!”

“Our new terms include protection from:”

“Squirrels, Starlings, Pigeons and that cat!”


That cat arrived on the porch this morning, calling out:

“Could I get a refill?”


“Oh miaow miaow, thanks, guzzle, guzzle.”

Closing the door, I resumed my morning routine.


Grant had mentioned an interesting “tree-shape” that was created by retreating snow, so I went to look and well, well, look who was there critiquing it.

He heard me at the door and rushed over.

“Those kibbles was very nice but I heard you had some leftovers?”

“Be more than happy to help you with that.”

“Oi!” said Muffin.

“I wos going to have that for lunch!”

“Rubbish. I happen to know you get fresh lunch!”

“See him off, Toby!” cried Muffin


“Nah. I don’t think I’ll bother.”

Dee Dee tried neutralizing the boy with a look.

“Who’s disturbing my nap?” asked Sophia

“Oh it’s just him.”

“Back to bed. Wake me for lunch.”

Two good-sized breakfasts later, His Nibbs decided he would like to make himself at home, but when he attempted to vamoose down stairs I was obliged to put him out.

He’s welcome to visit, but over-familiarity is likely to cause difficulties with our residents.

He was still sitting outside looking disconsolate when Grant got back from the village.

No further meals being offered, His Nibbs strolled off down the path.

Remember my saying you should not assign human feelings to cats?

His little face got to me.

I had put him out and not stopped to fuss over him. Food is his major interest, but he loves to be petted.

So I ran after him.


Fits of explosive sneezing and a weird sort of headache had me wondering this morning if Covid had finally caught up with us, so I fished out one of the test kits we were sent.

As they are all time-expired and not necessarily accurate anyway, I didn’t gain much from the experience.

It’s not that I want the wretched virus but almost everyone I know has had it and if it’s coming, I’d like to be done with it.

Additionally, if there is an actual cause of the various symptoms, then it’s likely that eventually they will go away. Otherwise????

As far as I know, though, itching is not a symptom of Covid.

Ice animals?

8 thoughts on “Revised terms (who agreed?)

  1. “It’s not that I want the wretched virus but almost everyone I know has had it and if it’s coming, I’d like to be done with it.”

    If only that were the case – one dreaded lurgy episode and then done with the Covid.
    Unfortunately, not so.

    An any event – all wishes for your good health and happiness from me to you! Plus cats and birds and Grant, of course.

  2. Time-expired means nothing where medical products are concerned, believe me. When I was an EMT, someone arrived every month to remove all ‘out of date’ items like infusions, inhalers, drugs, drip bags, even hypodermic needles. I asked him what happened to them, and he told me, “We send them to Africa, or poor countries like Bosnia. The expiry date is nonsense, in all honesty. We only remove them in case of litigation in future”. It is just a ruse by Big Pharma to make everyone buy new stuff constantly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. As everything is sealed up, I sort of thought the expiry date wasn’t that important. Big Pharma…one of my pet peeves. I seem to have a lot these days.

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