2 hours well spent

0647/9th February 2023

A good way to start any day is to watch an artist at work.

To witness the early brush strokes…

the blending of colour…

…gradual at first…

…followed by a sudden explosion of passion!

Symphonic accompaniment would be grand.



The dawn chorus my choice.


After the drama came the whimsy.


A brief appearance of the Sun.


Winking at us before giving way to clouds



With subtlety the canvas changed..


Where’s a bird when I need it?

You’ll do!

When the artist retired after a 2-hour performance,

his canvas reverted to grey

For the rest of the day.

That’s okay.

I’ve got pictures of yesterday.


The snow is retreating quickly now, but freezing nights result in slippery, uneven surfaces.

Not good for wonky knees.

You can avoid falling by being very careful but in the process the knees get a bit over-exercised.

Which you don’t discover until one of them suddenly gives out.

But so far they haven’t both failed at once!

One of many things to be grateful for.


Lily just arrived and I made a mistake.

She loves to be combed and once you start, you are not allowed to give up. She has short, lovely fur that she keeps well groomed, so we only comb her as a treat.

If only she could persuade some of her pals that it’s a great idea.

Lucy screamed: “Get away from me!”

And Willow just gave me a look.

5 thoughts on “2 hours well spent

  1. We had a long haired cat that refused grooming so we asked a professional to come and perform her magic. She came, berated us for being too timid in our method, showed us how to do it, got ripped to shreds, and departed! Cat ungroomed!

  2. The ‘explosion of passion’ photos are incredibly beautiful … even the sun that appeared quickly is special. The cats’ different reactions to a comb are interesting, but Willow’s expression is just so funny!

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