“Phoney” pics

1545/18th January 2023

After successfully retrieving my blog from cyberspace yesterday, I stopped staring balefully at my screen and looked out the window.

A deep blue band along the hilltop deserved inspection, so out I went.

It was 3:45 when I took these shots. “Interesting!” I thought, coming back in for more bird food.

Two minutes later, hands full, I left the camera indoors.

Abandoning everything else, I grabbed my iPhone which is always at hand for just such occasions!

And took the following…

Since coming to live upstate New York, I have seen more shades of blue than I ever knew existed.

And more shapes of cloud.

The Nikon captured close of day around 4pm.

Not a bad end for a cloudy day.

17th January 2023 (early afternoon)


At 6:40 this morning I used the iPhone again.

In low light it works better than my Nikon.

As the Sun rose, Nikon went back into action.

After that grand visual fanfare, we reverted to grey.

These next pictures are actually from Jan 16th.

Since I am once more in the clouds, it seemed unfair not to offer the images that so delight me.

It never ceases to amaze me how the view from my window endlessly and so completely changes and within such a short amount of time.

16th January 2023 0715 and 0735

0835/16th January 2023

This day, turned into…

Anyone see faces here?

Swirls that late in the day took on an apricot hue…

“Oh missus, I’m getting a message”

“Yes, yes. I’ll tell her.”

“If you wouldn’t terribly much mind?”

“Some of your friends are asking for equal time.”

“They made me their spokes-squirrel because I’m cute.”

“So they thought you would listen to me.”


…and I did…

Mrs Cardinal and White-throated Sparrow

The Doves called a breakfast meeting.

“Oh I say. Did you clear it with our shop steward?”

Sparrow was a little put out.

Because pretty soon, it was obvious they were just feeding their faces.

While the Sparrows looked on, appalled.

Our Black-crowned visitor was back.

“Your Highness, I must apologize most sincerely for our shortage of catering. An unexpected delegation of Doves cleaned us out!”

7 thoughts on ““Phoney” pics

  1. Those Doves really know how to empty a food bowl! My wife sees faces in clouds, and gets very annoyed with me when I tell her I cannot see them. I just see clouds.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I love the clouds (and different shades of blue – and all other colours) … isn’t it amazing! And wow, your morning photos – I just love sunrises (and sunsets).
    Just what I needed today … I’m a bit on auto-pilot at the moment. Berto’s been in and out ER and was twice admitted into hospital this week. He is currently in hospital and had an operation late Friday evening to drain excess fluid from his one lung. We’re not sure yet what the cause is of this, but we trust things will be sorted out soon 🙏🏻.

    1. Oh dear. I am so sorry to read that Berto has been laid low. I hope it all gets resolved quickly. Your healthy life style is bound to be a help! Give him my best wishes.

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