0711/11th January 2023

Dawn this morning was a challenge, photographically.

It was occurring on the wrong side of the car in which we were speeding along.

As always we left promptly, but had forgotten to take into account school buses. It seems kids start class earlier these days.

In Greenwich just as we turned a corner, one of these obnoxious vehicles pulled in front of us, and promptly stopped for its first pick up.

But the dear child was apparently not ready. So we waited…

…and waited…

Traffic stopped in both directions with no evidence of life within the house. Grant muttered in exasperation and did a u-turn to take us the long way round.

Amazingly we did not meet another bus.

But messing about used up our 15 minute cushion.

So there was no time for lollygagging and observing the sights.

As we crossed the Hudson, it was still too dark.

So I got a sort of impressionist picture.

At the pain clinic (on time) I went in to register and watch the sunrise.

Not wanting to lumber my camera inside, I took a couple of pictures with my iPhone.

Of course I couldn’t help wondering what it may have looked like from our little hill in Cambridge.

Overnight, reportedly, there was an outage that caused the grounding of all air traffic in the USA.

But clearly the matter had been resolved and it seemed that everyone was hurrying to catch up, judging by the number of contrails.

When we got home, the air traffic was still going every which-way.

Three hours later and they are still at it.

Low-level aviators were happily undisturbed.

The Starling gang appears wherever we go.

When we got home the Crows were up a tree waiting:

“Thanks for lunch but what happened to breakfast?”

“Hey! Save some for me!”

“Now don’t be late tomorrow, alright?”

“And don’t be taking my picture!”

With that he stomped off up the driveway.

5 thoughts on “Grounded?

  1. You were up very early, Carolyn. Luckily, we don’t really have issues with school buses here. They stay at one spot, and the kids have to walk to where the bus is. One of those spots is directly outside out house, and we sometimes have to ask the driver to clear the entrance to the driveway if we are going out.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Your dawn photos are lovely – the colours are so vibrant! School buses are not something we see often here – the children are either taken by their parents or they walk to school. (But of course there’s no shortage on taxi’s … you can ask Grant about these).
    (My apologies for falling behind on your posts. Blogging is a challenge right now … load shedding makes it almost impossible to access the internet 😡).

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