No disappointments

7th January, 2023

Having driven around in a circle through the countryside, we set course for home avoiding further scenic detours.

Clouds were boiling on the horizon

Cresting the hill and rolling down into the valley

I couldn’t decide which view I liked best

Maybe I am guilty of slight overkill?

But when I see skies like this, I expect to hear drum rolls and choirs of angels.

Most of my life, I never got excited about anything. A defense mechanism against disappointment. But excitement and enthusiasm are important, maybe even essential to our existence.

When I came to live in the country, I found sources of excitement that were not dependent on other people or empty promises.

Nature never disappoints.

4 thoughts on “No disappointments

  1. Countryside skies are so different to those in the city. Always something new to behold above us. That said, all we have here is torrential rain. It is getting boring now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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