7th January 2023

Perhaps I should rename my blog:

“Clouds over Cambridge”

But that would not be accurate as they aren’t all over Cambridge.

And cats are still my main thing. This fine chap was patrolling a field.

Yesterday was a particularly splendid cloud day and I have quite a few more images to share.

But first there’s something else.

From the age of eleven, I was in uniform just about every day. I didn’t always like it, but it certainly made life easier and over all those years, saved a great deal of money

It occurred to me recently that I was not aware of the current British Airways uniform and I thought I would enlighten myself. Before I got around to it..

Strangely, I received an email from an old airline friend, attaching an article just released by BA, presenting a new uniform.

In the release there is a video in which the designer Ozwald Boateng, mentions speaking to employees across the airline about their opinions and needs. As one would hope.

The project has reportedly taken four years but one must make allowances for Covid, of course.

What I don’t understand, is why airlines must use famous designers to create their uniforms. Such people design clothes for emaciated runway models, not for normal-sized people who work in them.

They always claim to take into account what employees have asked for.

Let’s say I am skeptical.

But I saved the best for last.

A jumpsuit.


Could there be anything more impractical for a woman?

Or anything more uncomfortable?

Or less flattering?

How is this to be laundered and when?

Scarves are nice, but worn every day they soon look like dish rags.

It’s not my business anymore. I don’t have to wear it and since I no longer travel, I don’t even have to look at it.

So who cares what I think.

In my time, we had our share of dreadful uniforms but I’m glad I don’t have to model this one!

For the first time in a while, last night, the temperature fell below freezing but in the ten-day forecast there is no sign of snow and the days are expected to be mild.

It’s January!

Something wrong with this picture.

Given the cost of heating, I should be grateful.

But it’s not a good sign when the seasons get out of whack.

The lilac will begin to bloom too soon and then, as in previous years, frost and snow will suddenly arrive and that will be the end of it, again.

So far I have not found a way of communicating with a lilac bush. I do try, offering encouraging words and urging restraint, but to no avail.

Sometimes the most ordinary pictures please me most.

In this one I like the row of telephone poles, the light on the roof, the road dipping and then rising in the distance.

And the moody sky.

Agricultural stakes. Not sure for what. Grapes, perhaps?

Coming back from Greenwich, we swung off the main road and made a couple of loops which pretty soon ended us up back where we started.

It was such a lovely day and usually I would have encouraged further exploration but yesterday the body did not want to be sitting in a car.

Mostly, though, we didn’t want to incur further demerits from DD.

13 thoughts on “Jumpsuits?

  1. Just hope the stakes are not for horticultural hemp. (It’s a real stinker.)
    With you on the uniforms. If staff comfort and efficiency were the priority then you can bet they would have come up with something else.

  2. Jumpsuits? They’re so impractical for women. Were you a flight attendant?
    Love your cloud photos as no, don’t think it’s a good idea to change your site’s name. 😉

    1. Not a flight attendant. I worked in passenger service at JFK for 31 years and Seattle for 7. That uniform is probably the worst I’ve ever seen, although we had a shocking stripey thing once that was truly awful. I was most unpopular for writing a rude poem about it.

  3. Those new BA uniforms are horrible. I wore a uniform when I was in the Ambulance Service. I liked not having to wear my own clothes, and for 22 years I didn’t have to buy anything for work. They supplied everything except underpants. When I left in 2001, I had to buy a LOT of clothes to wear in my new job for the Police.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Not really flattering uniforms if you ask me. In my last job, I was in a uniform for 11 years … and like you, I wasn’t always happy about the designs (oh, and those prints 👀), but yes, I also saved a lot of money on clothes! I think the clouds like Cambridge more than any other place in the world!

  5. Culottes and clingy trousers… Now I realize I couldn’t have worked on a plane, no matter what position… And let’s not mention the jumpsuit. Again, not quite my style. All this, after four years of consulting and designing! Interesting…

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