King of the castle

0714/5th January 2023

How is it that on days when the temperature outside is mild, I always feel so cold indoors?

Perhaps it’s my personal thermostat. This morning, after filling the bird seed trays I came back in declaring that it was like Spring.

Now, the temperature has risen and I’m cold.

It’s perverse.

And totally unimportant.

After a few days of gloom, a nice start this morning.

A really great day for sky-gazing.

Another celestial art show.

As ever, I watched the play of light on the hill.

And soon, clouds rolled back in.


Not before the walk. DD and Lily ignored His Nibbs,

but Toby’s growl made them turn their heads.

Toby was scooped up and removed around the corner where he received some kibble. Then it was safe for the visitor to have his.

He spotted Muffin and awaited another insult:

“Awfully sorry if I offended you the other day” she said, politely

“You are welcome to share our kibble,”

Just don’t eat our little friends.”

His Nibbs is visiting more or less daily at the moment.

One morning he sprinted across the grass and straight up the apple tree.

Finding himself a comfortable perch.

Quite the King of the castle.

“I like you, tree!”

“But I’ll be going now…”

He considered a libation from the bird bath

but decided he could do better elsewhere.

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  1. Today your sky photos are beautiful – each one different and beautiful! And your daily visitor is a real charmer … being king of the castle at someone else’s castle!!

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