0751/23rd December 2022

Howling wind, creaking house and enervated cats got Grant from his crib early this morning.

Patches favoured rising also, so I clicked on a lamp to see what ungodly hour it might be.


“It’s still dark out!” I moaned.

Whereupon it went dark in also, as our lights failed.

Surprisingly, within minutes, they were back on.

“Better cook breakfast while it’s up!” said Grant.

In fact we got through breakfast and a whole washing machine cycle before we were off again.

This time we stayed off long enough for me to ponder how best to occupy myself with manual tasks.

No sooner was I focused… power returned.

Briefly, the clouds drew back and the rain stopped.

But howling recommenced, along with driving rain.

Which seems to be the pattern for “Elliot” as it has been named.

A schizophrenic storm.

After a mild night, most of our recent snow is gone.

My early attempts at ice-sculpture, seriously diminished!

Late this afternoon, the deep freeze returns.

Most of the cats were not anxious to go out.

Lily tried to convince Lucy who turned tail and fled.

“Got an appointment with a warm blanket!”


“If I stare long enough, will it open?”

Our boy Colin could actually open this kind of door easily.

Though fortunately he never opened this one.

“Very fortunate!”

Lily has had to make do with window gazing.

Something she does quite a lot of.

The ever-changing hill has another new look.

And as ever, light fell upon the house.

All day the sky is morphing.

Raging one moment…


Smiling the next.

Looking North, right and South above.

Earlier, rain had been thrashing at the windows.

Dee Dee was not impressed by the sound effects, so she inserted herself firmly in her basket on top of a kitchen cupboard.

“I’m staying here for the duration!”

“Though I might take lunch”,

she added as an afterthought

Five minutes later, it seemed to be all over.

It had every appearance of becoming a nice day.

But Elliot was just playing games.

According to the weather net, he goes “off duty” at about 1800.

Till then, I guess anything goes.

We are indeed blessed as this storm has been brutal elsewhere and thousands are now without power as the temperature has become dangerously cold.

My heart is with the hundreds of men and women hampered by the elements as they fight to restore power.

We owe so much to people like them.

7 thoughts on “Elliott

  1. Your weather is featuring on the news here. We are having strange mild weather, (12C today) and it is very damp after so much rain. I made the mistake of lighting the wood-burner last night, and it made the house so hot we had to open windows! Crazy stuff.
    Have a happy 25th, Carolyn. I hope each one of theose pesky cats has bought you a gift.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

    1. Well their gifts are usually rodents, so I’m happy to go without. They are all Christmas presents in their own ways. My sweet Yeti was actually a Christmas present in 1986, from a dear friend. Hope you are feeling better. Love to Ollie.X

  2. A rainbow … definitely one of the most beautiful elements in nature (and you captured it so wonderfully). Sounds like you were experiencing a proper storm! Power off … it’s called ‘load shedding’ here in SA. Electricity are switched off deliberately by our power supplier to conserve power. Which mean we are sometimes without power for 2-4 continuous hours for at least 3 times in one day! We had 176 days of power cuts this year … and it seems it’s going to be worse next year 😔. Ouch …

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