My style!

10th November 2022

Last Thursday saw us off to the vet to collect a “trial” medication for Toby. It’s only an eight-minute trip but it’s a scenic journey at any time of year.

Our path is once more open to the sky.

Left turn at the crossroad. Vermont is straight ahead.

We picked up pills for Toby to see if we can get it into him and to see if it will help his digestion. The liquid combination that we got made him froth at the mouth.

We are at that terrible point of not knowing what to do, of trying to imagine what Toby would want if he could tell us.

When an elderly or sick cat stops eating and moving about, it’s usually time to help them cross. But I have had animals come back from the brink a number of times, which doesn’t make the decision any easier.

Toby still eats, still wants to go out for a walk and he still purrs and likes to be petted. He is just so frail.

Our hearts are heavy.


Thursday afternoon was my turn behind the wheel.

But only for the return trip.

We were ahead of time for Grant’s eye appointment, so he set off across country.

Past the Wedding Barn.

It was early afternoon, but shadows were already long.

Did you ever see a pink farmhouse?

It actually works here.

Taking side roads always brings us nice surprises.

This day’s surprise: Mergansers. Common (right)

…and Hooded (above)

I love ducks. Especially Mergansers.

After bothering the ducks (not really!) we drove on and startled a large flock of starlings.

Sometimes you get the feeling everything is just over the next hill.

Up here they will be able to view sunrise and sunset.

One day we must position ourselves!

We carried on into Greenwich where I surrendered my camera and got into the driving seat.

While I don’t drive often now, I have covered a good number of miles in my time and I’m still in one piece, so I can’t be that bad.

The man is a terrible back-seat driver!

“You can go now!”

“Keep your speed down!”

“Coast to a halt! You should slow down to a stop!!”

“Go around! Here, here, go here!”

Ye Gods!

It’s my style, man!

10 thoughts on “My style!

  1. I looked up where you live on Google maps, as I had not realised it was so close to Vermont. Apparently, Greenwich was formerly known as Whipple City. I prefer that name, and think you should leave Greenwich to us, as a part of south-east London where it originated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It always sticks in my throat to pronounce it the way they do, but the do actually have a green witch on their sign board. What can you do with colonials?!

  2. Ha, I had a good chuckle about Grant’s comments in the car ๐Ÿ˜. Lovely photos of the ducks. But today, my heart is heavy as well for poor Toby … I really hope the pills help.

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