Four years

8th November 2022

An open window lets in the deafening chatter of sparrows.

They are evaluating the election results, I think.

It’s November 12th and I am wearing a t-shirt, again.

Yet somewhere in the forecast I saw mention of snow.

One takes note and prepares for all eventualities.

Last night was wet and windy which will have brought down most of the remaining leaves.

But during the week there were still some pretty sights.

Can anything look bad on a bright blue day?

The woods were carpeted in gold.

Greenwich once again.

On Wednesday the destination was Glens Falls, a route we haven’t taken since the Spring.

It was another perfect day.

A different Hudson crossing.

Finally, our roads are getting repaired!

This journey takes us through country that is wide open

Once the corn is harvested, a whole new vista opens up.

We still had the road to ourselves!

On the return, we diverted into a small park beside the river.

Where some geese looked at us…

…but mostly ignored us.

A lovely spot. Why did it take us four years to discover?

Four years? We’ve been here four years?

After this short stop, we made tracks for home.

“Any chance of lunch?” asked sweet Sophia.

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