Toby as a young lad


My name is Mud.

Lucy is being very polite while pointedly hiding in the condo.

And this morning we got Toby’s new medicine…

Compounded to slide easily down his throat…

“Wut?” he said when I asked him to open wide.

“Bleh! That’s horrible!” he spluttered, spitting drops all over me

Fish flavoured. It stinks.

This is not going to go well….

“Just give him a couple of treats, missus. He’ll forgive you.”

“And then you can give me some too.”

“Just trying to help”.


Sasha is an opportunist.







It isn’t perfect, but I finally got a picture of this little tree.

We pass it on the way to the village but can seldom slow down to get the perfect frame.

And most days I remember too late.

Something about the shape of the tree as well as its Fall colour appeals to me. But I can’t even tell you what sort of tree it is.

Perhaps it’s the soft focus I enjoy.

Pine trees are not in fact ever-green.

They shed regularly though not completely.

They add a russet tone to the landscape.

Soft-focus is a very late-Fall thing

Willow trees near the Battenkill River

These may be very simple photographs but I love the soft brushed look of the now naked trees, as well as the contrast of intense yellow and rich brown leaves.

We found a place where we could stop beside the river

When Winter sets in, it will be much more stark…

…and a whole different sort of wonderful

Red sumac pods

This says to me: “Fine lace”

Feel free to disagree!

It was one of those impossibly blue autumn days.

We sat enjoying the fresh air and the peace, interrupted only by the gentle tap-tapping…

…of a busy woodpecker

Winter seems very remote as I sit beside an open window listening to the gossip of sparrows and the occasional “cark!” of crows.


Every day I prattle on about nothing in particular in large part to keep my mind from straying to matters I cannot change.

Years ago I had a recurrent nightmare in which I watched an aeroplane crash. Something of that sensation is about me now.

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  1. Focussing on the trees, the water, the clouds, the cats, is far better than thinking about politics or fundamentalism, or global warming. On the one side we have beauty and on the other nothing but ugliness.

    1. Well it’s hard to believe at the moment, as it is more like June than November, but it can get down below 0 F (we still use F). I think-15 F is about the coldest I remember.

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