Barmy weather

0740/5th November 2022

As the Sun rose, mist formed above the creek at the bottom of the hill.

Another balmy day.

After breakfast, Toby announced

“I’m off!”

“Missus! He’s not coming back!” said Dee Dee

“He really hates that medicine!”

“Going up the farm with the chickens.”

“I left you my bowl as a souvenir.”

“Oh Toby. Please don’t go!” I chased him up the driveway.

“Nah. I can’t be doing that medicine.”

“No more medicine Toby. Promise.”

“Oh. Alright then. Got to take a dirt bath first.”

“And you can tickle my ear, just like that. Good.”

Poor Toby. When I administered his first dose of the foul fish-flavoured medicine, he spluttered and looked affronted, as if he could not believe I would assault him in such a dreadful way.

“If you don’t want me sitting on your keyboard, just say so!” he wailed.

So last night I asked Grant to be the bad guy and the result of that was Toby frothing at the mouth and a moment later vomiting voluminously.

Fish-scented vomit.

We had opted for liquid medicine which is normally easier than trying to shove pills down a cat’s throat.

Because there were to be 2 medicines, the pharmacist was able to combine them so it would all go down at once.

Good theory.

Some cats don’t do well with certain medicines.

Clavamox made Panther froth at the mouth though an alternate anti-biotic went down alright.

So now we don’t know which medication is causing Toby’s reaction or what to do next.

Maybe we’ll wait a day or so and try giving him just the pain reliever.


Lucy is still sulking, although she did perform her regular routine last night.

Before putting my light out, I pay a last visit to the bathroom and she follows me chattering, hoping to extort one last treat.

When I return to bed she clambers up and fusses around me.

She seems to want to sleep by my head, as other cats have, but once she gets me settled, she takes herself off to her nightly perch. I think mostly she is just ensuring that no other cat claims me for the night.

Occasionally, one of the others will have decided to cuddle beside me and then sharp words may be spoken.

It’s very complicated.

When I wake, these days, it’s to find Patches snuggled up in my arms or washing my face. But Lucy doesn’t care about that.

She doesn’t do mornings. Takes breakfast in bed, if you please.


It is so warm right now, I’m afraid Spring flowers will think it’s time for a growth spurt. I noticed, for example some wild pansies are out.

Gaillardia is most enthusiastic!

The sky was so beautiful last night.

All shades of blue and at the last minute, delicate pink.

Winter seems to arrive later every year and then continues long into what is supposed to be Spring. It must be very confusing for the wildlife.

In Greenwich, there is still a good deal of colour…

Lovely against the bright blue sky.

Along the Battenkill River there was still a leafy overhang.

The aspens will not give up their gold

On the right, not yet touched by the Sun

Above, sunlit. I am fascinated by the difference in the yellow which seems more intense in the darker photograph.

My father, an artist and photographer could no doubt have explained this to me.

7 thoughts on “Barmy weather

  1. We have had 17 hours of heavy rain so far, with no sign of a let-up. It is dark enough this morning to have lights on in the house, including my SAD lamp in the office room. At least it rained off most of the Firework Night celebrations.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Lovely sunrise photos! Poor Toby and his medicine … but for some reason I don’t think he’ll go too far, because he’s living the best life there by you guys! Oh, and still love your fall colours – it seems it’s all kinds of seasons right now!

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