Medicating kitty

1000/1st November 2022

Yesterday, there were vet visits.

Just routine thyroid checks involving blood draw.

Somehow even the simplest of visits can be fraught with drama.

Beginning with ushering cat/s into carrier…

On the day in question, we get out the appropriate number of carriers and leave them where they are easily accessible


If it’s an early appointment, we try to remember to get the carriers out the night before.

Immediately, ears go up. But our gang have short attention spans.

Soon they go back to their snooze or nefarious business.

An hour before, we close doors around the house.

Then, when we are ready, it’s grab and shove…into a carrier.

Sneaky surprise works for the first victim and we always go for the most nervous first. Otherwise they flee, concealing themselves in parts of the house we have yet to discover.

Sometimes I swear they shape-shift.

If we forget to close those doors….there follows a lot of rushing about up and down.

My previous house was on three levels and catching Grisabel could have become an Olympic sport.

Panther, on the other hand, was likely to be found sitting in one of the carriers and if it wasn’t his turn, he had to be ejected.

Yesterday, though, it was just Toby and Tinkerbelle.

“I’m such a dear little cat.”

Tinks does not like being handled. Except by Grant.

Toby is Mr Mellow.

He raises an eyebrow and grunts then settles in for the journey.

Sometimes the 8 minute ride is punctuated by loud protests from the back seat.

“Lemme OUT!”



Yesterday the silence was deafening but I could feel Tinkerbelle’s vibrations as she plotted revenge.

Never-the-less, our trip to the vet is rather lovely, any time of year.

Tinks and Toby are both “thyroid cats”.

As are Sikkim (Muffin) and Penny.

While Willow asks for her medication, all other cats I’ve ever known protest loud and long about being medicated.

So we have the thyroid medicine compounded into a form that can easily be rubbed into kitty’s ear.

In theory, at least.

Toby and Tinks get it once daily. The other two twice.

We buy the stuff in bulk.

Penny also has pain medication/s.

Lily gets a steroid but only twice a week.

Willow has anti-seizure medication twice daily.

As Toby was getting his blood drawn, we had the vet evaluate him and as expected, he has arthritis and possibly intestinal problems.

Having such a large number of aging cats, one has many considerations to juggle. But even if cost was not an issue, I hesitate to subject an older animal to invasive procedures.

Toby has now been prescribed a painkiller as well as something for his intestines, which are also being compounded….

We have a jar full of syringes and sometimes I have to stop and remind myself who is who and which is what.

If you know what I mean.

The yellow leaves are clinging, steadfast.

Almost as if defiant.

I think these trees are lovely…

…and they still will be when they are naked.

8 thoughts on “Medicating kitty

  1. Oh Lord, I can only imagine. We have a cat with earsplitting voice. At the vet we stay in the car to protect the innocent, but when they leaves stitches behind, I take him into the lobby and we’re seen in seconds. cats are . . . incredible and interesting. So is your post!

  2. You are giving them great care in their old age, they are lucky cats. Having to take a dog to the Vet is much easier. Ollie thinks he is going somewhere new and exciting, and loves to ride in the car. He jumps into his spot at the back without complaint, tail wagging. As I am driving the 12 miles to Swaffham, I feel the sense of guilt…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Oh Carolyn, I had such a good laugh about how you catch the cats … ‘shape-shift’ … that was really funny! Today I had to read your post twice … I enjoyed your story so much that I forgot to look at your beautiful photos!

  4. Looks like everyone had a stressful day…… Orange cat looks so serious…..
    Your cats so lucky to have you and you are just amazing!
    When I have “vaccine day” with my cats I in stress probably more than they are 😀

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