Stump Church

1025/16th October 2022

“Where is everybody?”

This particular day, we actually saw a young man out looking at the leaves with a little boy.

And an older man taking photographs. No-one else.

It was Sunday morning but perhaps services were over.

The only sounds birdsong and the rustle of leaves.

At Stump Church, I left the car to scuff my feet beneath the glorious trees.

It was like bathing in golden syrup!

Without having to get all sticky!

Then Grant called out to me:

“See the wasp nest!”

A work of art!

The golden trees were dazzling and I could have stayed there all day, just reveling in the wonderfulness.

But cats were going to be expecting lunch…

Geese were still hanging out in the pond.

“Alright, we’re coming!”

“About time too!”

After a sensational Sunday, Monday dawned a little drab. But a trip to Bennington was called for and we set off, calling first at the Post Office…

…where we needed to be reminded…

The loaner car we drove recently also flashed up a reminder, when leaving the car:

Did you leave anything in the back seat?

Pets, children…it happens all the time!

(A friend of mine was so distraught after having a cat euthanized, he forgot that his wife was with him and drove off without her.)

Even on a grey day, the colours were good

On the main road to Bennington we saw a car!

There’s nothing wrong with a grey day.

If Sunday had been golden, Monday was decidedly orange-hued.

Rain splattered the windshield as we arrived back at the avenue of shag-barks.

The lane leading to our road has the look of late Fall.

But it’s not quite done yet.

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