1726/12th September 2022

All summer we have had storm warnings and you keep those things in mind, but you can’t stay home under battened hatches, “just in case”.

It all depends on the prevailing wind on the day. You may get showers, thunder and lightening or you may not even get wet at all.

When we went out yesterday, just after 2 o’clock, our patch of blue was disappearing fast.

It soon became decidedly dark, which served to highlight rapidly changing colours.

Heading through Greenwich, the customary moan:

“Another putt-putt!”

For once Grant had not factored in the 15-minute cushion of travel time we like to have. No window for messing about.

As usual, I remained calm.

What else is there one can do?

Anyway in Greenwich, we lost the putt-putt.

But then the heavens opened.

Wanting to photograph flooding fields, I got told off for opening my window. “You’ll drop the camera!”

We had now reduced our progress to considerably beneath putt-putt speed and he was mumbling about the possibility of arriving late for my appointment.

The ultimate shame that would be.

Peering through my now closed window, I perceived a small patch of blue off in the distance

“We will be fine”, I said.

Blue sky or no, it got darker.

Which was when we encountered a detour sign.

That meant no access to the thruway.


Navigator! In the “olden days”, this was a real skill. Now, I only need my fingers to navigate the buttons on my cell phone and persuade it not to take us on a round trip back to where we met the road closed sign.

For me, this can be a challenge.

We’ve done that circle trip before. Pressed for time, my fingers trembled. “Where are we going, again?”

It’s all very well to calmly enter a destination at point of origin, with the luxury of contemplating and considering the possible route.

At a random mid-point, with the possibility of no internet connection (no!) and an impatient driver awaiting instructions…I could already hear it coming…

“You told me to turn there!”

Map quest lady got frustrated at our refusal to take scenic tours through the soggy countryside.

But it had stopped raining.

At a light I saw that election signs are now posted for the run-up to November.

The individual on that placard will not be getting my vote.

We made it safely to destination with 3 minutes in hand.

Worrying would have been pointless.

The trouble is, worrying has always been what I do best.


By 4 pm, we were on our way home, taking care to avoid the exit that would take us to the detour.

We were heading back into the lingering storm.

Past the apple orchard at Schuylerville.

Back in wet Greenwich

It seems as if the leaves are changing before our eyes.

With no more putt-putts, we coasted on home…

…to the great relief of a certain group of spoiled cats that had been worrying about likelihood of a delayed supper.

“You just can’t get the help these days!”

6 thoughts on “Putt-putt

  1. Caro, Your images sometimes have this classic appeal of old time photographers. But still unique the way you use your corners. And well more of the sky, as always. A nature person!! Thank you.

  2. Oh, that’s a proper rainstorm … and it almost looks like night time! Just love the autumn colours on the leaves – nature truly displayed different scenes on your trip this day!

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