No apologies

12th September 2022

It was nice, when everyone seemed to be on holiday and I was free from doctor’s visits.

Now they have returned and I am being urged back onto the medical merry-go-round that seems to soak up so much time. Though the rides are always interesting.

As we drove through Stillwater yesterday, the Hudson was like glass, although when we stopped briefly, you could see that the current is quite swift.

There is something mesmerizing about moving water.

Even when I was very young I remember watching a river and wondering where all that water was going. To a sea or lake, ultimately, but then what?

Maybe it’s like what happens to us, when we are freed from our bodies and our energy goes back to the source.

Heavy clouds make for interesting images.

Pockets of sunlight.

When I downloaded the photographs, I saw what resembled a rather small scuba diver in the river.

Unlikely, but as I magnified my images I was surprised to find I had captured an eagle that I hadn’t even known was there…

Excited, I called Grant to take a look, but he was more interested in the “scuba diver’.



Across the river, an egret.

We are still travelling around in the loaner car!

For three summers in a row, sunflowers have refused to grow in my garden so I took a picture at a traffic light.

What must I do to encourage them?

Do squirrels dig up the seeds I plant?

Gardening will always be mysterious to me.

But I love those plants that grace my humble beds and make a point of telling them so.

Why is it that pockets of light lift my heart so? Maybe they are a sign that no darkness is forever.

These same scenes still capture my eyes. They are never the same twice.


No. I am just in love with this very beautiful world.

No apologies required for that, I’m sure.

8 thoughts on “No apologies

  1. I’m also interested in that lone scuba diver … is it normal to dive in the Hudson? But let me also say that your eagle is a beauty ☺️. You have such a lovely road you’re travelling on – I can imagine how many photos one can take on such a drive!

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