Cats are very smart.

When I am sad or depressed, they come to snuggle.

When I am agitated or thoroughly pissed off, they stay away from the negative vibrations.

It’s very telling.

Until Grant declares “lunch” and comes to the rescue, I can only work with whatever photographs I can access, so they will be very random.

We were fretting recently over the absence of Peanut, our visiting fox but it turns out that she has simply changed her hours.

She comes by now at 2320.

A young possum comes by too. She was outside one night when I put the patio light on, but when I went to the door to get a better look, she ran away. When I came back five minutes later I discovered it wasn’t me that had frightened her but the fox. I was so happy to see her fit and well!

And also pleased to see the possum who is no doubt adjusting her timing.

As you can see, I already have a disproportionate number of photographs of Willow.

She spends most of her day now in what we call “Patches’ condo”. It’s a cat tree that has a blanket draped to enclose the lower shelf, which Patches occupies at night.

Apparently Patches and Willow have a time-share agreement. Curious, because Patches is rather leery of my girl who used to chase her.

It seems they have worked things out.

Madame La Fluff, Lucy.

This is not the picture I had in mind, but it will do.

Lucy is not a cuddler, will not be picked up. She accepts a brief ear rub, nothing more. But she is supremely jealous. Lately, Toby has taken to sharing my bed. Lucy was grumbling.

Last night, things escalated. When Toby jumped up, Lucy went for him, but I raised my hand and prevented the attack. (No blood was shed.)

Toby did not back down but went to a crouch and slunk to the end of the bed, settling there with Lucy continuing to spit abuse.

Finally, Madame capitulated and lay down with her eye fixed firmly on the boy in case he should think to move.

We transitioned to a peaceful night and I woke around 6 am to purring in my right ear.

Two cats had appropriated my spare pillows. Lucy and Toby, side by side.

Now how did they work that out?

The interesting thing is, because I am hoping to get data off my old PC, I have a chair pulled up beside me in front of my desk extension. Usually, that chair is elsewhere.

As soon as I sat down this morning, La Fluff arrived and parked her furry bottom on it.

Furthermore, Mr Toby who has taken to frequently sitting on my desk, (under my nose which is hardly convenient), was nowhere in sight.

So was that the agreement between these two furry little pals of mine? If so, I welcome it! Though I’m sure it was not for my benefit!

There is a lot more going on with these creatures than we will ever know.

It seems I must fetch another chair, should I need it. Surely I cannot disturb La Fluff! When lunch is “declared”, she will expect it to be delivered, as usual.

There were other changes this morning, but no-one had advised poor Muffin.

After breakfast, she jumps to the top of a cat tree in the living room window, and there she dozes until summoned for her walk, should she deign to take it.

But this morning, when Muffin arrived at the top shelf, it was occupied! Which I have photographic evidence of, but my PC will not allow me to show that at the moment, so here’s an older one…

Blackie on the chair now claimed by Lucy

Some of the pictures I downloaded 3 hours ago have finally found their way into my Pictures, but the rest clearly are still struggling….

This was one of last night’s cloud formations. I took other pictures, some of which may well be better, but let’s say I am having difficulties accessing them.

I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Grant because all of this is proving tiresome for him as well and I think he’s beginning to accept it isn’t entirely my fault.

Things will get better…


11 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. It seems the cats are working out between them what is fitting for that day (or night) … I would get confused as who belongs where! On the other hand, I hope your photo’s find their way (eventually) to where they belong … I can only say good luck 😉.
    Oh and by the way … did you know that it is International Cat Day today (I don’t know who choose these so-called days, but I’m happy to hear cats have their own day)! Maybe you should bake a cake to celebrate this day with them …

  2. If I am in a bad mood, or we are arguing about something, Ollie always thinks we are annoyed at him, and slinks away with his tail down. He needs lots of reassurance later to prove to him he did nothing wrong.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yes, my experience with dogs is that they get very upset when voices are raised. My uncle was very difficult, an alcoholic and he got worse with dementia. My aunt’s poor little cocker spaniel suffered and as I was the one who adopted him to mend my aunt’s broken heart…it was all my fault. Probably the darkest chapter of my life.

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