In the cloud….?

1940/6th August 2022

How far I get with this will be entirely dependent on my new photo editing system. More accurately, on how much it stretches my patience.

“Do not blame your tools!” I was always told. The tools those people referred to were invariably dysfunctional in an assortment of ways, so yes, I did blame them.

In this case, it’s more a matter of my aged and deficient brain, but it’s all I’ve got.

Serves me right, doesn’t it, for complaining about my old photo editor which had suddenly decided, without notice, to change things, not for the better in any way.

If there had been an option to pay a premium for the old-fashioned, convenient system, I would gladly have paid it. But there appeared to be no such choice.

Muttering and mumbling, I thought perhaps it was a sign that I should remove an excess of old inventory, which I did by pages full.

Perhaps my overloaded re-cycle bin upset itself, the night of the infamous “update”, causing a permanent black screen. Undoubtedly my fault.

Big decisions should never be made in a hurry, certainly not in moments of stress. But the absence of the thing in question was the cause of stress.

In any event, the only real decision was whether or not to abandon Apple and it is too soon yet to say whether or not it was a mistake. Anyway, who can say that I would not have encountered problems with a new Mac?

Undoubtedly it would have many more new fancy functions to mess with one’s head. I just need the simplest of systems!

If all I did was write, things would be going just swimmingly. But my words need a lot of padding with pretty pictures and herein lies my difficulty.

What I require is a system that accepts photographs from my camera, to be edited in a fairly basic way and placed in groups or albums.

Is it so much to ask?

Apparently so.

Grant was pleased with my choice because he has a similar system and whereas he declined ever to have an opinion about anything Apple-related, he was delighted to tell me how very simple I would find my new system.

“All you do is this and that…”

He went downstairs, leaving me to the joys of photo editing the simple, wonderful Windows way.

He was somewhat surprised, not long after, by the stream of invective I was directing at my new PC, the makers thereof and computers in general.

“Come have lunch and after we’ll sit down together. It’s so easy. You’ll see!”

The first wrinkle was that my slightly newer model has something called a “Drop Box” where my download of photographs immediately went.

But that was the least of my problems.

Without too much effort, Grant persuaded my photos to take up residence in a file called: “My Pictures”. Within which one can create albums…


Somehow I managed, that first day, while there were not many photographs to play with.

But then I had to address the transfer of data from my old system, some of which appeared to be available “in the Cloud” or on “One Drive”?

My previous (but one) PC is still in my possession, and my theory was that I could move photos onto a thumb drive and over.

Not so hard?

It should not be, but the new PC had to be persuaded. It would not accept the thumb drive, then it decided it didn’t like my camera, which it had previously downloaded from.

Next thing that happened, the camera was suddenly wiped clean and it told me that the chip was invalid.

Grant came to sit down again.

“How did you get all this?” he asked, looking at the vast array on my screen.

“I did this and that, just like you told me!”

It’s so annoying when you know someone thinks you created a mess with a wrong move, when you know damn well you didn’t!

The few images that have so far arrived on the new PC, one way or another seem now to exist in triplicate.

There’s “Quick Access”, “One Drive” and “Drop Box” but Grant says I should have nothing to do with those! (“Then why are they there?).

It had been my hope to spend half of this day attempting to transfer data, but it is already late afternoon and I just can’t face it.

At least I re-connected my printer unassisted and I got rid of the annoying new screen saver. I replaced with a very stormy sky.

It will do for now!

7 thoughts on “In the cloud….?

  1. I find Dropbox very handy for initial import of photos from my camera, phone, or anywhere else. It’s easy (honest!) then to export the photos to anywhere else, either on your PC or not. I export mine into Photos (Mac) and make sure that I regularly delete from Dropbox. If you don’t then you will end up with duplicates and also Dropbox will use all available memory very quickly. Good luck!

  2. I get very frustrated with new technology (my husband says it’s because I’m scared of changes 👀) … well, whatever the reason, it freaks me out a bit. But then I must add, when it eventually works (or I come to understand it), it’s a real treat to work with something a bit more modern that works efficiently. May this be the same for you Carolyn!

    1. I’ll come around. I don’t have the tolerance I once depended on and when I get worn out mentally my body protests…they call it “having a flare. I start the day alright and then….we’ll see what happens today!

  3. When I got the new PC, it did not recognise my phone to transfer photos. I downloaded the suggested software to allow that, but it still refused to recognise my phone. My only alternative is to email photos to myself from my phone, and save them from there. Luckily, I rarely use my phone as a camera. As for ‘Cloud’ and ‘Dropbox’, they exist on my PC, but I do not have a clue how to access them. I just blunder along doing what I know will work. Otherwise I get angry, and that makes me stressed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. That’s about it…blundering along! My Apple did not recognise my cellphone and I too had to send photos to myself, but I hardly use the phone for photos. HP allows download…big deal! I don’t know why I had the glitch where I got reject messages concerning my camera. It resolved but deleted some pics I had taken of a crow prostrating itself over a water bowl. The HP editor has a nasty way of taking exception to certain photos, blanking them so I cannot return them to pre-editing or do anything else with them. I can only think it’s to do with cropping but when I have more time I shall have to find out. Cloud and One Drive are also mysterious to me. Eventually I will adapt!

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