The new way

0544/4th August 2022

EU! Eu a eu, a eu, a…EUKK!!!

The morning vomit. It wakes me regularly anywhere between 5 and 6 am. Unless one of the cats is sick and needing monitoring, I ignore it. Hairballs.

Yesterday it was followed by the enthusiastic arrival on my bed of Patches, who produced:

Kak,kak,kak A KAK KAS SNAASSHH!!!

A gale-force sneeze in my face. I’ve only met one other who sneezes as forcefully as Patches. He is a full-grown man. Patches is 6 pound cat. So it’s impressive.

In spite of this, I awoke quite refreshed after 5 hours of sleep free from the strange dreams that come of late.

So I cuddled sweet Patches for a few minutes and then decided I would take a look outside. For the first time in months I was up before the Sun.

Wanting to take some pictures, I walked toward the big lilac bush only to discover that I had sneaked up on some deer that were grazing behind it.

The day before, a mother and fawn had appeared briefly so we were hoping they’d be back, and here I was startling them. Having gone out without my glasses I didn’t even get a good look.

But we have apples now to tempt them back

By 0645, morning duties had been attended to and as it was still early, I went to look at my PC which had been processing an overnight update.

It was sulking, refusing to re-open, so I performed the routine : on,off, unplug, etc and so forth. I left it to do its thing, sitting down with my iPad to wordle and tridle and worldle and all those daft things. Amazingly, it was all very simple. For once I easily got all the answers. Sometimes lately, I struggle which is vexing!

So yesterday had got off to a good start.

One should be cautious of days like that.

With breakfast concluded, I returned to my PC and that’s where my good day terminated.

For some time I’d been having minor problems that didn’t seem very serious. I had offloaded lots of old photographs to make space and I don’t do a whole lot on the PC beside email and the blog. What could be wrong?

But something was seriously amiss. There was no waking my PC up.

The upshot of all this is that I now have a new PC, not an Apple, so I am re-adjusting with periodic episodes of swearing.

Most of that was during the set-up which necessitated signing-in and entering passwords. Luckily, I have a password directory but it isn’t always clear exactly which of my vast selection of passwords is required.

By the time I had sorted out the basics, the mild headache brought on by the un-planned purchase, had become megga. I had to call it a day, though I took time to get my streaming music sorted out.

The new PC has Bose speakers and I have to admit they do sound very nice!

Today I am struggling with a new photo editing system and all the rest. There is still much to do, but I thought I would post some photographs I took last night of the storm which finally arrived. Above I caught one of the hummingbirds that were hovering about, undaunted.

It was a storm with plenty of lightning. I managed to capture it a couple of times.

But most of the drama was in the clouds.

After the initial downpour, a second front arrived carrying heavy rain and what sounded like hail, though I didn’t check.

The second front moved in so fast and it was a sight to behold!

The clouds were like monsters come to overpower us.

Hopefully, for the rest of the afternoon, I’ll get more comfortable with this strange machine and it’s particular quirks. I am a bit leery of the touch screen, given the frequency of cat participation, but this appears to be the new way….

7 thoughts on “The new way

  1. Superb photos Carolyn. I’m not sure I could move away from a Mac now. I can see a future with a touch screen where you can take a back seat and allow the cats to get on with their daily blogs! Hope you have everything mastered soon.

    1. It’s not my favourite way to spend time. During my working life we went through numerous computer changes that were radical and it was serious brain exercise but I was young then! I am concentrating on the positive aspects of the change…the speakers are really good.

  2. When I had to change my old PC, I stuck with a Hewlett Packard so the setup system was familiar. Google sign-in helped a lot, as it ‘remembered’ all my old bookmarks, shortcuts, and logons. I transferred a lot of photos to a separate hard drive before stashing the old PC away, but I just know I will have missed a lot of them. Fortunately, most are on my blog somewhere.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. That’s life, always something new to get used to … I think I will find a new computer quite challenging though! But you have done pretty good with capturing those storm clouds – I’m happy you got proper rain … and I love the photo of the hummingbird!

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