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0957/24th June 2022

This morning was spent reviewing and editing more than 250 pictures that I took yesterday, mostly within a span of some 45 minutes.

While doing so, I was ruminating over what I wanted to write, or what I felt I must write.

The cats demanded lunch and I used the opportunity to take a deep breath. Visual perspective changes with each turn of the calendar, with even a subtle altering of light, often resulting in a different emotional reaction.

It was good to be reminded that perspective is essential in all emotional considerations.

What on earth am I getting around to?

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the Unites States, composed of 9 un-elected, government appointed, extreme right-wing justices repealed the constitutional right of women to choose abortion.

“Justices?” There is no justice in this. None what-so-ever. This is not what the majority of Americans want.

Abortion is a very personal decision. The ethics can be debated. I understand how some may regard it as immoral. But I happen to think a person’s morals are no-one else’s business and I would not expect anyone to adhere to my code of ethics.

So it goes without saying that it outrages me that anyone else should dictate to me what I may choose.

At my stage of life this particular issue obviously does not affect me, but the decision of the Supreme Court is about so much more than abortion.

It is about women’s rights.

It is the first step on the road to repealing other laws that these extremists wish to be rid of and where exactly will they take us?

Nowhere I want to go, certainly.

What becomes more and more obvious with each passing day is the fact that the government of the United States has got itself tied in a knot.

A very simplistic description, from a simple person. I like to reduce things to basic terms, something visual.

Often enough, I read about government issues. Deliberately, I am not selective as to whose opinion may underlie the statement, but it makes no difference because I find myself getting lost in the language, unable to comprehend what is being said.

While I admit to being simple, particularly where it comes to politics, I am not stupid. It isn’t necessary to understand all the ins and outs of political concerns to realize that what we have here is a country that is pulling itself to bits.

And that is where the emotion comes in.

When I emigrated to the USA in 1964, young people in Europe would have given anything for the privilege I had of being sponsored by an aunt who had been what was called a “GI bride.”

America was the land of milk and honey. There were no bomb sites here, no war damaged infra-structure. It was the land of opportunity. No doubt my parents believed so. I was only 15 when the decision was made on my behalf and it appeared to be my only option, so I can’t say that I really thought about it.

There were plenty of reasons, later on, why I would have selected almost any different path, but who knows whether it would not have been a worse choice.

Those reasons had nothing to do with the country I was living in and as much as I detested my situation at times, one thought kept me going:

I could have been so much worse off.

While things were obviously not perfect in the USA even then, I was one of those lucky people that could enjoy the freedom so touted in the Constitution.

Looking back, I could easily claim “#meetoo”. Most women my age could, but at the time I accepted that some people were better avoided. It was just something you dealt with.

When I became eligible, since I was locked in to remaining, I did the “right thing” and took out citizenship, though I am not convinced I would have if it had meant surrendering the British passport that I still carry.

Much later, after my numerous complications were resolved, I stopped running off to foreign parts at every opportunity and began to appreciate the country I had adopted.

There is so much more to any country, than its political leaders. People are just people, anywhere.

The continent of North America has so much to offer and I left it far too late to go exploring, but I did a little.

This country is so beautiful. It includes some of my favourite places and I am fortunate to live in a very lovely part of the USA.

Which is why I feel so sad. I want to belong somewhere and it isn’t here. I resent paying taxes to a government that is starting to curtail certain people’s rights. It is just morally wrong.

If I was young, or fit and wealthy, I would leave.

Because it is not an option, I don’t spend time considering where I might go instead.

Maybe there isn’t anywhere.

9 thoughts on “Where ?

  1. 250 photos? I own 6 digital cameras (and a camera phone) , and I haven’t taken a tenth of that since January.
    Well done, Carolyn.
    Best wishes, Pet.

  2. I’m not sure where anyone could choose at the moment to get away from such social injustices Carolyn. The USA certainly has many problems and more yet to come, but we, in the UK, are in rather a mess, with more to come and we seem to have few in government, or opposition, who are capable of leading us out of the mess!

  3. Wow, 250 pictures within 45 minutes? I thought I took a lot of photos… 😉
    Beautiful photos – I always find it hard selecting images to suit a post but don’t think you have that problem.

  4. How on earth do you manage to take so many photo’s in such a short amount of time? You have so many wonderful pictures just in this post … it certainly brings a bit of calmness to a difficult story.

  5. IMO we (meaning the USA) are so screwed. The structures of the Constitution (the Senate, the Supreme Court, the Electoral college) were designed to maintain the power of the minority. And now we are seeing that being played out with the worst possible people in charge of ensuring the country goes into a new dark age. Elizabeth Warren has a plan to get us out, but she can’t do it alone.
    Meanwhile, cats!

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