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0728/18th June 2022

Breakfast has been drawn out a bit since the introduction of wordle (4,5,6 and fr), worldle, globle, airportle, tridle

…and Tim had to go and mention yeardle…argh.

Then, as I do the washing up, I have to keep stopping to take photographs, be it of clouds or creatures.

Before I get around to anything else it’s lunch time and while I could delay or forget mine, Toby will sit in my face until I attend to his…..

As you can see, one has to give in…

Distributing kibble to 11 cats is more like feeding the 5,000. They do not assemble, you understand. Having been summoned by Toby and Lily, I am expected to peruse the house in search of the other 9 and by the time that is done, Lily is back for seconds and thirds which throws my count off.

It gets really confusing because there’s a chorus:

“I don’t like that kind!”

“I can’t eat it here. I want it over there!

“Not there, here!

Oh, for heaven’s sake!

So today, I paused to collect my own lunch and ponder: “who did I not see?”

“Hm, Blackie, now where did she get to?”

Blackie is nervous. The smallest thing sends her fleeing downstairs. So down I went. No Blackie.

Back upstairs (starting to worry): “There she is, eating the kibble Willow couldn’t eat over there!”

But wait…you’re Penny. Was that you I just saw or was it Blackie? Penny has white whiskers and two ear tips, but at a quick glance…

“Stop running around!”

Penny: “Me run around? I get carried everywhere.”


“Blackie?” I went searching, holding my lunch in one hand, kibble in the other:

There she is! Here Blackie!” And she rushed off, eyes wide, in a panic…

Surely she cannot be afraid of slightly singed mini-naan with peach jam?”

Just because I was holding it aloft.

So that just killed another hour. Grant is helping a neighbour. Usually I allow him the delight of lunch.

When he comes back he will be told:

“She forgot again!”


Time for: Red’s philosophy of life in the 21st century

“Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin!

Rise early

Greet each day with enthusiasm


Eat a good breakfast

Be grateful to your benefactors


Share your assets

Word hard


Tolerate the competition

especially if they are bigger than you


Eat a good lunch

Maximize cuteness (to get more nuts if he ate them all)


Breathe deep

Maintain a good appearance


Keep your options open

Stop to admire Nature


Look far

Be aware of your surroundings


Watch for predators

Be kind at least once each day


Be responsible for your children

Eat a good dinner


Give thanks for each day

Retire with the Sun


Sleep well.

Adhere to these principles for fulfillment .

5 thoughts on “Give us our daily Red

  1. She could be my guru as her principles are mine too! Thank you, Carolyn, my evening is complete.
    Wonderful pictures, thank you!


  2. Ah, look at that little face of Toby … not impress I guess 😊 … while Lily’s expressing is a bit more polite. I totally agree with little Red’s philosphy … all worth to keep in mind during our daily life. Thank you little Red 🐿.

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