The road to Vermont

1944/3rd June 2022

As such, we don’t see the sunset here because we face east. But when conditions are right, it can never-the-less be a spectacular time of day.

Yesterday was one of those times.

Earlier, we had taken a scenic drive which began with a mostly clear sky.

Grant knows now that whenever possible, he must stop if we pass a stream. I have a compulsion to photograph water. Well, I am an Aquarian.

Grant took a route toward Mt Tom where there is a State Forest.

The hills are awash with wildflowers and ferns.

Quite suddenly, clouds moved in which was perfect for photographic purposes.

Elevation of Mt Tom 2,720 feet. Not quite like the Rockies or Cascades but beautiful in its own special way.

Rhododendrons flourish here.

There is a dirt road into the forest but we didn’t want to meet a car coming the other way and I am not able to walk far, so we got out to take pictures and offer a meal to some mosquitoes.

This is the infamous Virginia creeper that I do battle with.

It strangles other plants and damages trees.

Brambles grow like mad too and they make a terrible tangle of the undergrowth.



We meandered on, with no set destination, through sunlit avenues in multiple shades of green.

And found ourselves on a newly refurbished road…

…a certain sign that this was where the rich folk live.

Somehow this road seemed too “in your face”.

It somehow felt intrusive, man moving into Nature and establishing control.

We were happy to get back to the down-market road.

We found more of those trees, with all their pollen.

More wildflowers.

We began to wonder where we were

Should we go this way, or that way?

GPS is a wondrous thing. You’re never really lost.


All this way and this was the first car we saw.

Sometimes you wonder where everyone went.

Deciding to check, I glanced at my phone and was not surprised to learn we had crossed the State line. We were in Vermont.

The Green Mountain State.

And a very good place to be..

So I’ll leave you there for today…

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  1. Yes, what a lovely sunset … and your leisurely drive turns out to be quite spectacular! Once again, I like all the greenery (and splashes of colour provided by the wildflowers). I would certainly enjoy a drive like this!

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