Life’s little messes

1900/31st May 2022

Cleaning up one mess inevitably leads to another, be it crime, politics, health issues or merely cat pee.

This morning it was a matter of someone (not me) having stepped in something of indeterminate origin.

Cleaning up the smear I happened to spot led to another and another….

…but before I was done with that, the daily vomit was produced which set me off in another direction…

It’s never good to get down to things in this house because you are bound to notice something else you really would rather you hadn’t.

Let’s just say I ended up cleaning floors and walls.

Does it get tiresome? You bet.

Sometimes I rant, but what is the point?

If you have pets, you make accommodations for their needs and peculiarities.

As far as we can determine, the illicit peeing going on in this house is down to one culprit, though I sometimes can’t believe it can all come out of one cat.

No, I don’t do a daily end-to-end search, but there are certain favourite spots I keep an eye on.

One tries to be pro-active in all sorts of creative ways.

No need to bore you with the details. I think I have tried everything imaginable.

Some would say give the animal up to a shelter 🙁 or have it put to sleep 🙁 🙁

Those are NOT options. So you deal with it.

And remind yourself of those choices.

It’s not as if I live in a palace.

Even before I invited cats to control my life, I was not house proud. A bit of a neat-freak, but that’s different.

So does it matter that we live in a bit of disorder?

Who is going to complain?

So anyway, there I was progressing with my “crash cart” and feeding the washing machine when Grant asked:

“What about a scenic ride?”

“Oh,” I said “I’ve got this and that“, gesturing at the laundry alcove. (More like a hole in the wall.)

He just looked at me, his eyes saying “So?”

“Oh! Alright then”….

So as a result, it’s rather late and I have a few pictures to sort out.

Never did find the origin of this morning’s stepped-in mess.

It will probably surface to derail me tomorrow morning.

So I will deal with it then.

Or not.

4 thoughts on “Life’s little messes

  1. I agree that when you take on a pet you have to deal with any mess or unpleasantness. It is all about responsibility to the animal (or animals) you have chosen to share your life.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. That house is your house (ok, and Grant’s and the cats) … so, how it looks, is no one’s business ☺️. Yeah, the washing can wait … go on the scenic ride!

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