*Shrove Tuesday

1735/28th February, 2022



Another successful meal service.

Grant dishes the cat food and I distribute, but the other night my hands were obeying some other force which sent a bowl up in the air then face down on the counter.

Like a preamble for *pancake day.

We’ve distributed a lot of meals over the years…

…some were self-service!

One day the bottom fell out:

…then there were opportunistic meals.

Al-fresco meals

(Don’t you love the tail arrangement?)


Then there’s fast food:

This whole sequence took place in 1.36 minutes…

…and there was even time for a quick nap!

That’s one supersonic squirrel.

4 thoughts on “*Shrove Tuesday

  1. My squirrels keep on stealing all the fat balls. I’ve taken delivery of an anti squirrel/anti large bird feeder today to try to allow the little ones to get their share! We’ll see!

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