26th February, 2022

After the weekend snow, footprints began to make their impressions.

Squirrels rushing back and forth over the same track carved a zipper-like mark.

A little sparrow in the seed tray left a different sort of impression, in my heart.

How sweet it was and how trusting, remaining where it was as I approached.

Nature always impresses me.

Toby contributed his footprints and then went off to sleep the day away:

Beside my desk where there’s always a chance of treats.

Strong sunlight melted snow on the roof but with temperatures still below freezing, icicles formed.

Always a challenge to me as the properties of ice fascinate me.

Wherever it may form.

Then there are the shadows and the refracted light.

The above seemed symbolic. Of what?

Particles of dust incorporated into icicles on the cage behind the house.

We naively though the cats would enjoy taking the air, safely protected inside.

How foolish. Now we hang a feeder inside where raccoons cannot go. We imagined it would be squirrel-proof too.

Which was another foolish notion!

This morning I found a broken icicle on the ground and held it up, admiring its crystal-like appearance.

Perhaps where Waterford’s gets its inspiration?

A squirrel jumped from a tree onto the garage roof, leaving another impression.

And my little friend was back to bring some cheer:

5 thoughts on “Impressions

  1. When we have had heavy snow here, Ollie loved following the deer tracks. He would scamper along sniffing them intently, hoping to find a deer at the end of them. I love to see him reverting to his canine nature in that way.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Wow, I am totally fascinated by your pictures of the icicles! How beautiful and pure are they … nature is displaying some of her most beautiful wonders to you!

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