Rock n’roll weather

1723/20th February 2022
Rock around the chart we go,
One day rain and then comes snow
Around and around 
And up and down we go.

After a cold day yesterday, came soft evening skies. One of my favourite times of day.

25 hours later, the world had rotated once more.

Within the hour, the sky drew me outdoors again:

It’s to be an instant repeat seemingly, of last week:

In a nutshell: (I like to be concise)

Warm. Wet. Melt. Freeze. Snow?

How confusing for the flora and fauna.

They must wonder if they are coming or going.

One of those “Biggest and smallest” lists came through my email today. It’s always interesting to glance at;

The coldest temperature ever recorded, it claimed, was -135.8 F on the East Antarctic plateau.

Searching for the conversion to Celsius, I discovered two other claims, for the same location:

-128.6 F / -89.2 C

-145.5 F / -98.6 C

Once it gets to such an extreme however, I can’t think it makes all that much difference.

Perhaps to the Russian scientists at Vostok Station?

What a perishing thought.

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