0710/17th February 2022

Yesterday afternoon Grant took me to an eye appointment, re-scheduled due to a recent ice storm.

Rain which had been forecast was just arriving, but fortunately not in the predicted torrents.

Our lane that takes us to the main road was a muddy mess and on either side, the fields had turned to vast lakes of snow melt.

However it was passable and Grant is a good driver, so we managed our excursion without mishap, all the while noting the impressive puddles along the way.

Drains were blocked by ice and flooding, concealing potholes and slippery surfaces.

We ought perhaps to have anticipated what we found upon our return.

Exiting the garage, we stepped into a big puddle. I carried on down the walkway to the house to ferry some groceries we had picked up.

Going back for another bag, I found that Grant had discovered water leaking into the garage and was now chipping away at a solid block of ice to divert it.

Unfortunately this is the sort of thing I am not much help with, so I shuttled the rest of the shopping indoors.

“Will I still get nuts?”

Just in time to rescue Grant’s supper. He had bought some fried chicken which Sasha was investigating.

“What?” she said. Supper is an hour late!

Indeed. And it got a lot later.

When I went back out Grant asked me to fetch the car keys. My big chance to drive. I got to move the car back out onto the icy driveway.

The little leak, as it turned out was not so little.

The garage floor was flooded because our inefficient drainage system was frozen solid. Grant went to town with the pick, mud and ice and sparks flying all over.

In a corner I found my old boots and checking first that no-one had moved in, I pulled them on, discarding my less expendable foot gear.

While I cannot wield a pick, I can still manage to push a broom, so I began sweeping water out and over the ice. But not before I stopped to photograph the sky.

Priorities, you know.

Eventually we ended up with this.

When we rose this morning, it was to a slightly wetter version of this. Not worthy of a photograph, which as you may have gathered, is rare in my book.

Tomorrow, I will tell you what happened next.

Oh, don’t get too excited. It was only a small development…

Anyone see faces?

11 thoughts on “Nuts?

  1. Yes! I see a face looking at you with lovely lips and a normal right eye and a left eye that is either blinking or has a glowing glass eye in place of an eyeball. (Note: Remember the old song, “It’s so nice to have a man around the house”? I think this was one of those times. You’re the man, Grant!)

  2. Oh my, it looks so cold!! And trying to clean up, must make you even colder (on the other hand, maybe a little sweeping with the broom can warm one up šŸ˜‰). I saw the face … it’s on the right hand corner, isn’t it?

    1. No, it wasn’t cold when we were seeping up the flood. It’s the damp that gets into my bones, but I soaked in a bath and didn’t feel too bad. Actually, when I started counting faces in that pic I could find at least 8…stretching to animal faces and aliens. I have an ice-elephant to post later…

  3. Coming home to frozen leaks would just make me depressed. I am no Grant, I’m afraid, I would be on the phone to someone to come and sort it out.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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