Always hope

0753/6th January, 2022

As I was saying…(“no snow”)

So the world went a little white, overnight.

Just enough to look pretty and make the porch treacherous underfoot…

…as I discovered when I ran out to offer peanuts to our tiny friend. I didn’t crop the picture so you would get an idea of just how small he is.

Little Red.

(No, I didn’t fall on my butt.)

Little Red selects a nut, then jumps up on the chair to eat. He goes back down for another and repeats…over and over. So today, I put nuts on the chair to save him the effort. Instead, he took his nuts and jumped on the arm to consume them. This is one hyperactive creature!

Sasha is still in the doldrums. Normal breakfast service has resumed but today she didn’t care for our choices.

And “Dad” didn’t have porridge this morning. He always leaves a bit for Sasha and Sikkim. “Toast?” she asked.

Not only that, but she had to wait for Tinkerbelle to finish before she could have a go at leftovers.

Her face says it all…

Maybe that’s why she climbed into a cupboard and shut herself in.

As I was getting lunch I heard a lot of banging and thought the washing machine was acting up.

It was just Sasha trying to get back out.

Then she went to sulk in her basket.

Sikkim just said “Harrumph!” and arranged herself in her special Muffin box.

She’s Himalayan and very philosophical.

It’s turned into an exasperating day.

Starting off with Tinks giving everyone the hard stare.

Which makes Willow nervous…

…so she won’t settle and when this happens,

it leads to illicit peeing.

Which today I am ill-disposed to dealing with.

My own nerves being rather ragged.

You know those days when everything fights you?

Camera, computer, washing machine…

Then tomorrow, Blackie has an appointment to get two small lumps checked out.

We need to be sure they are not sinister.

Poor Blackie will hate it.

So will we.

Sniffing and kneading…is she going to pee?

Oh good. She’s just doing yoga.


…there came a few breaks in the cloud…

…so not a totally hopeless day.

5 thoughts on “Always hope

  1. It’s great to see Little Red again and beautiful snowy pictures. And I was thinking … with your cats in the house, there is surely never a dull moment. It seems they are always up to “something” 😉. Hope Blackie will be ok 💌.

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