Season’s Greetings

Chinstrap penguins, Nelson Island, 1985

Gentoo penguins.

Somewhere on the Antarctic Peninsula


Rockhopper penguins, Falkland Islands, 1985

Macaroni penguin, Falkland Islands, 1985

This is why they are called Rockhoppers!

Under the observation of two Black-browed albatrosses

Falkland Islands 1985

Black-browed albatross, Falkland Islands, 1985

Old and faded and scanned, like the photographer, but very much in my heart.

As are my best wishes to everyone for a happy time, whatever you choose to celebrate, at this time of year. And a peaceful New Year.

3 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. As a lover of nature in all forms, and as one who is older than you and appreciative of your photos and written postings of current scenes and scenes of the past, thank you for sharing a bit of your life (and Grant’s and the kitties) every day. Since my companion in this, my 80th year on this planet, is my kitty Khloe, I’m particularly enjoying the stories of your feline gang. Wishing you and all members of your household a happy, healthy new year.

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