Trees, Christmas and others

Mourning doves, waiting for breakfast to be served

We call it the waiting room.

It’s a rather sickly tree that doesn’t grow many leaves.

But it serves as a perch for our bird friends.

As does our Christmas tree.

This one though, is where the “Swarm” assembles for choir practice.

You’ve never heard such a din.

Through an open window you can hear their song.

Then, as you venture outside, on cue they stop.

As if they were gossiping about you.

Turn your back and tend to something else, and the song recommences.

Only to be silenced as you tilt your head to cast them another glance.

In late afternoon, birds have elsewhere to be.

This is pretty much how the waiting room looks, year-round. Choked by the deadly creeping vine.

My efforts to remove said vine shall be curtailed in future, due to the new “respect” I have for ticks!

One of my favourite trees. It looks lovely in all seasons.

April 2021

May and September 2021

Of course I have many favourites:

The hill opposite is different every day, sometimes every hour. The little Christmas tree on the left is actually just the tip of a big tree that stands the other side of the hill. Currently both trees have almost vanished in a whiteout of mist, on this wet, grey Christmas Day!

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