Winter sky

0700/15th December, 2021

People who come to my blog expecting pictures of furry creatures are probably muttering:

“Cats? All she ever offers us is pictures of clouds!”

Almost true.

But I do specify: “Cats and other things.”

This morning I was muttering myself:

“Why don’t I have a local poet on speed-dial?”

Yes, it was really that colour!

And that texture.

As if a volcano had begun to spew forth.

As the sun rose, the hue diminished, but not the spectacle that I continued to watch…

…right through breakfast and morning chores

It’s very faint, but there was a snowbow.

By then it was nearly 10am and I had been persuaded to accompany Grant on a multi-purpose outing.

But I was very pleased, when we got back, to tell him that he had completely forgotten his major plan.

Which was to get my hair cut!

Or at least arrange for it.

Gracious. It must look bad.

He never notices anything!

What I noticed, is that I must remember, before we go driving again:

to clean the windshield!

You’ll be holding your breath now for my next mud-splattered offerings…

5 thoughts on “Winter sky

  1. WOW 😲 … how beautiful are your pictures of the sunrise! The colour, the texture … it’s breathtaking stunning! Ok, so now I used all the words I know that are synonym for “beautiful”! Don’t let these photo’s ever disappear!

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