In contrast to yesterday, this morning had a gloomy start.

Positively soggy, in fact.

Far too warm for this time of year, I sat with my window open to get fresh air and enjoyed listening to the eager chatter of the Little Brown Jobs who always have a lot to say.

By the time I had freshened the room sufficiently, I was obliged to cool down a bit more as Lily had taken up position at the window, taking notes from the bird song.

Indeed, she might well have been.

Lily, in human form, would be a reporter. Always curious, always seeking information.

And multi-lingual, I am certain.

Ten days ago, a stranger came to inspect us.

And yesterday, he was back:

For more detailed research.

Lily rushed from the other end of the house.

Ears pricked, eyes focused.

What did the interloper want?

Penny said “who cares? When’s lunch?”

Clearly, this chap knows there are others of his kind nearby.


Though he didn’t bother checking in to ask for a tasty treat or to tell us “hello”.

Until they moved away, our neighbour’s cat Pancho not even came to call, but demanded entry into the house.

Pancho was a lovely boy and when we finally relented and let him in, he made himself at home. Obviously, he’d been in before. Our guys were a little surprised but seemed not too affronted. After all, what’s one more? And his visits were short. Pancho had places to go, birds to kill. It was his one shortcoming.

His daily kill didn’t bear thinking about.

And that was hard to tolerate.

But we miss his sweet face.

Now we have a new interloper, of unknown origin.

His collar and condition indicate he’s not stray.

Next time he comes, I’ll try an introduction.

How do I know it’s a “he”?

It’s the attitude and the devil-may-care saunter.

As he sloped off up the driveway and disappeared from view:

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  1. Haha, I was wondering how you knew it was a “he” 😉. Oh, and Lily seems very curious about this stranger – love how she’s lifting her little front paw at the window (maybe it’s a shy “hello” …)

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