Going to bed, or not…

29th October 2021

Burly, the big old male groundhog has been sleeping for over a month. He didn’t even wait till the end of September.

The rest of the gang retired not long after, but it appears we have an insomniac.

Previously, our latest sighting of a groundhog was October 17th.

This little girl was still up and about yesterday.

October 31st!

We expected cold weather would send her to bed.

As we still had some carrots, and a visiting bunny….

When I had bunnies, I grated carrots for them, so next thing you know I was preparing treats for our long-eared friend and the groundhog thought that was swell!

This particular morning, it had been raining all night so our offering had turned into carrot soup.

Poor thing was sopping wet, but it didn’t put her off.

Yesterday, a scene of domestic harmony, bunny, groundhog and little brown jobs all sharing quite happily…

But suddenly, the sparrows vanished, poof!

This is why!

Mr Cooper had returned, searching for lunch.

The groundhog stayed, feeling quite solid and secure.

Where did those little devils go?

Even when he looked straight at her, the groundhog didn’t flinch.

“Want a bit of carrot?” she asked politely.

“I was thinking more of a tasty chipmunk!’ grumbled the hawk.

“All the more for me, then!”

Mr C. flew off in a huff, perching on the garage roof.

And that was that. The end of a truly gloomy day, but wait, what’s this:

Fire? In the woods!

Why no. It was that time again…

5:47 to be precise.

The thick clouds took on a dirty pink hue.

Perhaps not so special, except I’ve never seen quite this phenomenon anywhere else.

It’s as if the Sun can’t go to bed on a sour note.

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