It was a struggle…

0723/27th October 2021

A hint of pink drew me to the window

A day with such promise, and yet:

…here came the storm!

A symphony rang out

My poor avian friends were severely challenged.

Blown all hither and yon

A thoroughly rough day, but that evening Grant was sitting in his chair by a window and called me to look at something on his phone….

In the few moments that I bent over and stood back up, the scene outside had taken a dramatic turn and I gasped “Oh! LOOK!”

My photographs do not do it justice

For me these moments are heart-stopping and special because they are so fleeting

The narrowest strip of scarlet, and then it is gone

But we are gifted, to live here. Soon there will be another sight to behold:

Some twelve hours later, another dawn

and a bit later, as I waited for Grant outside the Post Office, I noticed how beautifully the sun lit up the leaves above the car…

…and how it lights the naked birch trees.

This day had me struggling and I couldn’t imagine that I would find a post for my blog.

Then I had a look at my photographs from the past few days and they cheered me up.

It was all set to go except I had the days out of order. I thought “oh bugger it, who cares which date was which?”

But I just couldn’t bring myself to post it that way, so I re-did the whole thing.

Just a few humble pictures!

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