Adventures in cat ownership

A different title came to mind, but “Adventures in catting” means something different entirely and not at all appropriate!

This is Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell doesn’t much like me, but at least she has stopped hating me.

She used to draw blood if I attempted to touch her.

Now she just bites gently and smacks me with claws not fully extended.

It’s progress.

Why would I have such a cat? She came with Grant, who she adores and she had a rough start in life, so I make allowances.

Tinkerbell contrived to get me up this morning at 5 am, but I’ll get to that in a moment….

Tinkerbell may not like me very much, but she really likes my shoes:

Witness a three minute sequence:

Oh yes, she likes Grant’s shoes too, but lately she is besotted with my footwear.

This, I think, is not especially unusual. She apparently does not associate the shoes (or the stink?) with the wearer. Otherwise she might well pee on them, though that is not a crime I can attribute to her.

There are other offenders of that type, as previously mentioned.

What I had never heard of is cats being attracted by the scent of carrots. Maybe it’s just a Tinkerbell thing? Witness the 90 seconds preceding yesterday’s shoe orgy:

(Unable to insert herself into the bowl after 90 seconds, Tinkerbell fell onto my carelessly discarded shoes to continue her, um, episode?)

This thing with the bowl is a recent development and I should explain. I daresay it’s not really the thing to do, but as I pointed out previously, my nearest neighbours are unlikely to be affected by my eccentric habits. Supplementing the diet of a few groundhogs to help build up their tiny bodies for their long winter…is it so awful?

In the morning I chop up a few carrots and put them in that plastic bowl you see Tinkberbell obsessing over. (A couple of times I grated a carrot, the way I used to for my bunnies and that went down a treat, but I decided it was a little OTT even for me.)

Last night I left the bowl beside the birdseed buckets and when I heard the “clunk” at 5 o’clock, I knew Tinks was at it again. Tonight I shall put the bowl out of reach.

“Where’s my carrot?”

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  1. You could put your cut up carrots in a larger bowl she could curl up in….. she would probably appreciate it and maybe get you some points on her score card… (Smiley face).

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