No dull moments

1937/20th June 2021

This time of year, there are no dull moments.

Another beautiful stag came by the other night.

He was a beautiful creature that seemed anxious to show off all his best poses:

Then came the explosion of ground hogs. Suddenly they are everywhere!

“But…the bowl is empty!” she cried.

Very true, we can’t keep up with demand.

Although these guys usually prefer carrot.

Or my flowers.

Peace and harmony. It won’t last long. Soon they will be squabbling like everyone else!

Ms Skunk has become a nightly visitor, cleaning up leftover seed . Some nights it’s slim pickings.

Other nights are better.

Yes, I live in a perpetual mess. Indoors and out.

At breakfast time we watch bird chaos.

The baby red wings are very keen on suet.

As are the starlings.

And the grackles.

It turns into pretty much a free for all:

The woodpeckers, who are the regulars are quite put out by all this nonsense.

Is there no respect for seniors?

The titmouse just managed a beak full.

The regular feeders are overloaded as well, mostly by exuberant junior cowbirds:

“Hey, don’t rock the boat!”

Little Red baby hasn’t figured out yet how to climb up.

But he’ll soon learn!

Then, out on the stones:

Baby Jo Crow is still pestering his parents to feed him

The squirrels and pigeons say “oh grow up!”

For good measure, the turkey ladies are back.

No babies have been introduced yet.

“God!”, said baby groundhog, “what was that!


There are one or two other visitors, but I think this is enough for now…

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