A cold shower

1819/22nd June 2021

Stormy weather created overnight, some interesting images, if one looked close enough.

Perhaps a cold shower was what I needed yesterday, though I can’t say I exactly enjoyed it.

“Many people don’t have water at all”, I kept reminding myself.

And since the end of last week, on and off, we were among those water-less people, albeit momentarily.

Our “Well Man” is actually a very dependable chap. He showed up promptly and evaluated our problem, which required a new part and a whole new holding tank.

That meant waiting till Monday, when the parts could be delivered. Oh well. It just meant the small inconvenience of having to rush back and forth to the electrical cupboard periodically to re-set the breaker, then waiting ten minutes for the pump to cool down.

It gets a bit old when you have to do this half a dozen times a day, but knowing a fix was possible made it less annoying. At least the well wasn’t dry!

Monday morning I got a call to say the part would be arriving and our man would be down by 3 pm.

Which he was.

The heart of the house is in the basement, so down he went with a silent young helper.

My job was to stay within earshot so I could action orders from down below: “shut off the breaker”, “turn the water on” and so forth.

Needless to say, the fix-it brigade + Grant all being male, sometimes the message wouldn’t make it up the stairs and I was left guessing “do we really need to have water gushing out of all these taps this long?”

Eventually I turned them off and heard no protests.


The words I overheard were not what I had hoped for.

“Wrong part.” Followed by a phone conversation.

And then the silent young chap, carrying said wrong part, was staggering back up the stairs , where he was obliged to squeeze past Penny who was monitoring the situation.

Any other cat would flee. Not our Penny. She couldn’t even be persuaded to give way.

Fortunately, Well Man is a cat person, though I’m not too sure about his helper. But he is very young and able-bodied, so I didn’t worry too much.

Still, those stairs are very narrow…

Not to worry. Just one more night of traipsing back and forth. At least we don’t have to haul water up from the well or walk to the river.

Next day, instant replay, except we persuaded Penny to cede passage to the fix-it brigade.

And in due course I was called downstairs to inspect our new holding tank and pump.

“Smashing”, I though, “what’s this going to cost?”

Never mind. We have water.

One small thing we overlooked.

It was getting late but I had time to ride the exercise bike and afterwards went to hop in the shower.


The new BIG holding tank had to heat up, didn’t it?

Guess who had a cold shower.

Cold showers, even in the tropics, make me go funny all over. My skin cringes and I start to shiver. I’m very sensitive, you know. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. The water had probably warmed slightly on its way through the various ground pipes to the tank, so at least it was not icy. And once more I repeated the mantra “you are SO LUCKY!”

One day I will convince myself!

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  1. Oh, I hate a cold shower (even in summer) … but my husband always (politely) reminds me of exactly the same thing you’ve just said – ‘we are so lucky to have water’ … ok then, I’ll just go and warm up under the blankets then!

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