5 am

5 am / 5th June 2021

An early morning cat fight got me out of bed this morning, in time to capture the pre-dawn sky and rising moon.

Usually these days, I see midnight come and go and frequently the small hours as well, but by 5 am I have just about settled in for a decent rest.

So you’ve been spared endless photographs of dawn lately.

It’s the first time I remember seeing the moon at this hour. It’s somewhat amazing I even noticed such a thin sliver.

Even more surprising is that I thought to play with the different settings on the camera.

Bit by bit, I am learning to master this machine which is more user friendly than the Lumix which is for really clever people

Not that I don’t love my Lumix. It just makes me feel challenged.

On the other hand, do I like all the choices offered by my CoolPix? You be the judge:

Pictures at the top were taken in “Landscape”. Above and below with “Dawn” filter.

While I do quite like the effect here on ground mist…

On the whole I think I prefer to see things as they really are.

Can you see the moon?

It all lasted but a matter of minutes. By 5:15 I was back in bed.

And the cats were saying “well that was a bust!” I didn’t even put the bird feeders out.

A bright dawn, after several moody, cool days and now the heat is back, but not the air conditioning.. alas.

Getting our 20-year-old unit replaced was bound to be a saga and there’s not much you can do but follow the script. One step. Two step. Three step. Return to first step. Repeat. Something like that.

Same situation we had getting a new fireplace. But at least we had alternate heat sources during that long ordeal!

If we’re lucky, we may have the new a/c installed by mid-June but it involves workmen going into the attic which is apt to be a bit warm during the day, so I may well get to see dawn that morning too!

As for now, I think as little movement as possible is called for. Grant and our neighbour chose the weekend to continue their digging project and I am hoping the man doesn’t come home with sunstroke. He may be from Africa, but he’s long since been acclimatized!

Both feeders occupied by Little Reds today. They easily jump the extra distance.

The greys stare in at us accusingly as we have breakfast, “Where’s the nuts?”

6 thoughts on “5 am

  1. Here’s a link to an ad for a portable aircon that I saw on the internet. I haven’t tried it, as our climate doesn’t require what we already have, installed with as much angst as you seem to be preparing for! Anyway, this link may not help you in a timely fashion, but it’s an ad to drool over. Hope you find it as much fun reading as I have.


    1. Only just found your comment…my computer seems to be censoring my email at random…I actually purchased a device similar to the one in the ad you sent and it made all the difference. I was tempted to just stick with it and not bother with replacing the old a/c, however I am not the only one in the house. Meanwhile…one problems begets another…..was life so bad before technology? πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, I was struggling to see the moon … but eventually, I’ve noticed the tiny sliver.
    It’s really beautiful photo’s – amazing how you can change the colours with a few clicks. I’m afraid, I’m not nearly that technical advanced and will therefore have to rely on what ever my camera gives me ☺️.

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