Grey skies 3rd June 2021

So much for planning.

With all good intentions yesterday, I wrote a list of three items I wished to accomplish.

Nothing too demanding, no Great Wall of China, just small chores.

By the end of the day, not only had I not achieved a single one, I had not even got started. On anything.

Did I do something else instead?

Um, no.

Co-incidentally, there are now three items I very much wish to eliminate from my life, but that looks very doubtful too.

In previous posts I moaned about not being able to avoid plastic and goods made in China.

Maybe if Grant constructed us a cabin from locally felled wood and we decided to live “off the grid”, we might achieve it, but the state of my body would make it a lousy idea even if my mind could adapt.

So those two items I fear, are here to stay.

The new item on this list is sugar.

Responding to an email from my latest “Medical Team” member, a rheumatologist, I asked her about foods she thought I should avoid. She recommended I watch on Prime Video “That Sugar Film”.

Halfway though, I’d more than got the point and went to check the labels on food packets.

While I was aware that sugar gets sneaked into lots of foods, I was appalled.

Well of course, sugar is another Big Business, so obviously that’s not going to be removed any time soon.

Also to be avoided: gluten and dairy.

Looks as if there will be a lot of plain boiled rice in my future. Just like boarding school in Cambodia!

No, it’s no essential for me to completely eliminate these things, but if it will improve how I feel why not?

Yes, there’s eggs and vegetables.

Grant actually likes to cook. Maybe it’s shameful, but I regard food prep as a terrible waste of time.

Instead, I should be grateful that I have access to food in the first place.

So I need another change of attitude.


WordPress is also forcing change, it seems. Why do they never warn us, or offer guidance? I click the buttons and wait to see what pops up. My first attempt today popped right off into the ether, never to be seen again. Or maybe it will one day arrive in the middle of some other post to make me look ridiculous.

And my computer is behaving like a hooligan.

Now let’s see where this goes…..

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