12th May, 2021

“Thunderhead” and “Flicka” (his mother) were the names of horses that I read about as a child.

After reading “Black Beauty” first, of course.

How I loved those stories. How I wanted a horse.

“Thunderhead” was such a wonderful name for a horse.

Is it why clouds fascinate me?

They compel me to photograph them, especially when I see shafts of sunlight breaking through.

You would think we should have got quite wet yesterday, but in fact it hardly rained at all.

So this morning, Grant thought he should drag out the hoses and water a flower bed.

Which led to a major plumbing issue.

As he went to attach the hoses I asked “did we ever fix that drip last year?”

Apparently we didn’t but it’s two drips.

And I don’t mean Grant and I.

He went off to the hardware store, returning shortly to say they didn’t have what we need, and off he went somewhere else.

Which brought us to lunchtime.

This wasn’t how he planned to spend his day, but plumbing is not my department and I can’t help.

Now I am waiting for a flood of water and curses.

While hoping they won’t develop.

Previous attempts to find a plumber have been futile.

Names and numbers, I have. But no-one ever responds.

It’s the same with every service you might need, which is somewhat inconvenient as Grant is always telling me that this whole house was “Macgyvered”.

It seems we live in a third world country….meanwhile…

..dark muttering and heavy footsteps up and downstairs.

My ears are getting pulled in and my head is lowered.

Hopefully, we can return to just having leaky fittings.

And a hose with a hole in it.

Maybe I’ll just use a watering can.

See, this is one of the reasons I don’t like Summer.

Too many things to try to stay on top of.

Although, now the hoses have been put back away, in disgust, that’s one less thing. Watering cans it is.

As for grass cutting, well that’s on hold till our cable gets buried and another week is crashing to an end with no sign of that happening.

Weeds? Well, I think I’ve decided to embrace those and go wild, so knock those off the list.

Bugs? They have their place in the world. I just wish it didn’t include attaching themselves to my body. Not when they bite, or fly up my nose.

And I cannot abide flies in the house because they buzzzz, which really gets on my nerves.

Grant thinks I’m nuts to chase flies around the house to catch them and put them outside.

Because I will not tolerate a fly swatter. Disgusting, gross!

Then there is the heat.

A little hard to imagine at the moment as I am still shivering in a pullover. Last night, a frost warning.

Any day now, though, it will be blistering hot and when the weather gets like that, my brain can’t function.

We have central air but I dread to think what will happen when we attempt to turn that on.

Looking at these photographs, you must wonder where all the people went. Just a single car in all those shots.

But you can be sure it got in Grant’s way!

It was tolerated because there was a dog onboard.

Now I seek your opinions:

What colour is that dopey thing in the red hat?

It says “SLOW” and it gets placed halfway into the road which makes one want to flatten it. Grant and I disagree about what colour it is.

This is our un-mown meadow, which I think is perfectly acceptable. I’m happy for it to stay that way.

Only it won’t. The grass in the field below grows to about 5 feet and that is where ticks thrive. I do not want tick fever.

A massive thunderhead only brought a drop of rain.

Little Red held on tight for the wind that did not come.

All day, I watched the sky and in the evening the light was bewitching:

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