Don’t be nice…

0700/22nd April 2021

How many times must we be taught a lesson, before the penny drops?

Perhaps it’s not a matter of lessons but a vain clinging to hope that things will change. Hah!

Don’t be nice to cats!

They will make you regret it.

Disclaimer: Willow was not the offender today.

She just has a large portfolio of photographs.

Anyway: My nose, like the rest of me is hypersensitive which at times is a bit of a nuisance.

There is a brand of cat food that has a fish variety which is particularly stinky. It actually reeks. Even Grant agrees.

So I had stopped ordering it. After all, there are so many other varieties and there is always something on offer that the little toads will eat when they all swap bowls anyway.

From one day to the next they change their minds anyway. Who can keep track?

Recently the little darlings were just being plain awkward and didn’t seem to like anything.

Like they are really going to starve. Right?

A weak moment overtook me. Again. I have way too many weak moments.

A few days later the FedEx truck pulled in and dropped off a box from our friends at Chewy.

Oh the horribleness of it! But oh, the delight at kitty supper time.

Eleven heads in bowls, slurping and gobbling.

We were back in favour.

Which lasted five minutes as we decided to give it out randomly because otherwise they would just go off it and frankly, eleven bowls of that stuff is more stink than I am ready to tolerate.

They say paybacks are a bitch. They are right.

Cats have their devious little ways of twisting the knife.

This morning a little blue can of fish was issued.

During breakfast, we listened to the customary emission of the daily vomit.

Someone manages it every morning and part of my post breakfast routine is to locate it.

With luck, the daily vomit is deposited on the wood or tile floor and I should tell you about my fabulous vomit clean-up kit:

A dustpan and shower squeege. It is so efficient. A quick swipe, gone! Wipe with a washable cloth, no paper towel needed.

However. This morning’s small deposit was on the carpet and not only that, it was the stinky fish.

It reminded me of the story about the man whose wife divorced him, taking possession of the house. He rewarded her by inserting fish into all the curtain rods.

Well, I did my best to get the stink out of the carpet, scrubbing and spraying and soaking.

When I was done, I also scooped up a neat little pile of poops that had casually been dropped on the floor.

Cats will always reward you for being nice.

And it’s not just cats. I’m beginning to wonder if I am not really a fool for trying to do the “right” thing.

For a long time, I have worried about the environment. When I was young and really stupid, I had the notion that responsible government took care of garbage disposal. I’m not sure exactly how I thought they were accomplishing this, but it was a convenient thought.

Then I discovered we were sending our garbage on barges, to other countries who apparently hadn’t enough of their own.

Talk about the penny dropping!

Long ago I stopped purchasing items from companies that use animal testing, and I made concerted efforts not to buy anything that originated in China.

It wasn’t long before avoiding Chinese products was all but impossible, so already my ideals were compromised.

Next I began to worry seriously about plastic. Yea Gods, the stuff is everywhere. It horrifies me every time I go to have a medical procedure, the gloves, the tubes, the masks…just everything is plastic.

An individual effort seems almost pointless, but that kind of thinking is no help, so I pay attention to people’s suggestions:

Toothpaste mostly comes in plastic tubes. These days you can get alternatives that come in glass bottles and some companies use metal tubes. I am waiting to see what happens with the alternative I ordered.

In the meantime, bamboo toothbrushes. Yes, OK, that sounds good.

Mine arrived yesterday and where were they from?

You got it. Now, what good is it, buying toothbrushes that are being shipped no doubt by the container load, halfway around the world? How can all those container ships be good for the environment?

Why can an environmentally responsible toothbrush not be manufactured here? Oh yes, because it would cost too much.

Just like all the clothing that comes in on those ships, and the technology and everything else in our homes.

Back before all this got out of control, I was happy to pay more for my locally made needs and I am sure there were others who felt the same, but we were voices in the wilderness and politicians kowtowed (Chinese word, how apropos) to the big manufacturers and importers.

From what I read, it seems there is some minor scrambling these days in the political world where a small number of leaders have realized the responsibility that lies on their shoulders.

One has to hope their efforts will succeed.

Oh, those bamboo toothbrushes….turns out that my gums are as sensitive as everything else and the bamboo brushes abraded them. And the bristles come out in your teeth.


What nice thing shall I try next?

Some more pictures of this morning’s landscape.

2 thoughts on “Don’t be nice…

  1. Well, this post definitely made my day! You have captured kitty behavior and our efforts to accommodate them perfectly and humorously! Thank you! I have only two and I go to many lengths to keep them happy.
    As fr as saving the earth, it does seem like a losing battle some days but I go on the thought that every little action we take in a positive direction is helping contribute to the effort.

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