20th April 2021

It’s beginning to look like a construction site around here. No, I don’t have moles. They don’t live up here.

It’s all in aid of burying the infamous Internet cable.

A project I have divorced myself from.

Fortunately, Grant has taken up the challenge.

Although today, as they say in England only too often:

“Rain stopped play.”

In fact, it’s not just Grant who’s digging up the “lawn”.

Yesterday I discovered a large patch of holes:

So who is the culprit?

It’s not him. He’s way too small.

Flickers spend a great deal of time digging in the grass. But not at night and a whole flock couldn’t make that many holes.

Possums operate at night, but not in herds. Besides, it’s weeks since we even saw a possum.

Deer? They are large enough and numerous enough and they too visit during the night. But I’m not convinced.

Which leaves Tom Turkey, but he’s not a night bird and he’s still wandering about by himself, like a lost soul. poor Tom.

Well it’s a bit of a mystery, so we picked up the trail cam and thought we’d put it out, but the batteries were flat. In any case, last night there was no further evidence of lawn tampering.

One night, after I’d seen unusual light moving about outside, I looked online to see what information there might be about “aliens”, and guess what, Upstate New York is known for UFO’s reportings!

It wasn’t the case with the lights I saw. They turned out to be fireflies which turn up in large numbers when the conditions are right. I had never seen so many before.

It’s also very unlikely that the lawn tamperers are alien. Any species that’s smart enough to travel through space has got to be clued in enough to stay well away from our troubled planet.

Two nights ago, we were once more looking out of the kitchen window, which we seem to do a lot, and Grant spotted a dark form on the hill, across the valley.

“What’s that?” As usual his glasses were elsewhere. I tried viewing it with the monocular but couldn’t hold the damn thing still, so I resorted to my camera’s telephoto.

A moose. Not a live one. We have lots of re-cycled metal art up this way. Now we’re wondering if we didn’t notice it for nearly three years or if it’s a new addition.

It is amazing how sometimes you don’t notice what’s right in front of you.

Though I am sure this varies each season according to environmental factors that we are not even aware of.

Today’s Adirondack Almanac posted an interesting article about the devolution of Earth Day:

For example the abundance of yellow in the landscape at this time of year.

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