Five minute spectacle

1852/13th April 2021

It’s that time of year, when the sun is at a particular angle and the sky has that unique hue at the right moment.

Suddenly, I lift my head and gasp “Oh my!”

1811/13th April

It’s an effect that lasts mere moments, just time to grab a camera and yell for Grant

Because seeing is believing

Amazing how much you can capture in a short minute

As the light began to fade on the opposite slope, I saw that it fell onto the distant hill

Against the ever darkening sky, it was a spectacle

Within seconds, the light began to fade

By 1847 the sun had dipped beneath the surrounding hills, no longer visible to us and within 30 minutes we found ourselves in the pitch darkness of a moonless sky.

There was something else on my mind today, but perhaps I’ll “go there” tomorrow…

….Internet permitting! A technician arrived promptly, on Tuesday morning, changed out our equipment and all seemed just dandy….until 10 minutes ago…….oh groan….

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